~Matt Key

It’s a great time to be the man that is Tom Holkenborg. Who’s Tom Holkenborg?

Perhaps you know him better as composer Junkie XL, one of the most in demand composers right now. He’s done the scores to Point Break, Black Mass, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He’s contributed to both Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises and Domino.


And now, he’s got a couple little movies coming out soon — Deadpool, from Marvel and Fox, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. big DC film.

So, yeah, it’s good to be Tom Holkenborg these days.

And, just today, we’re starting to hear some samples of the two scores he’s done for those films. Both of them give a good idea of what we can expect from the tone of each one of them.

First up is a sample of the score he did for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with Hans Zimmer. The theme is called “Men Are Still Good” and it features the same heavy percussion and horns you’d expect of Batman, a theme that sort of heralds Batman’s entrance, dragging hell behind him for all criminals. It immediately invokes a sense of a coming justice with the same intensity that Batman will bring when he spreads his cape out wide to swoop down upon the streets of Gotham.


The next one is for Deadpool, which will be out by this time next week. It is as different as you can get from the Dawn of Justice theme, which just proves Junkie XL’s musical diversity.

This track, titled “Twelve Bullets” is most likely the song that plays when Deadpool is taking on the mercenaries on the bridge, the scene that’s featured so much in the trailers, where we know he only has “12 bullets.”

It features a more digitized score, like something ripped out a club. There’s a sort of dance trance element to it, which gives it a bit more of a fun tone. There’s a bit more diversity to the instruments used as well, giving the song a slightly crazier, off-kilter, on it’s side sound. All that being said, those are just the top layers, the bottom layer is a consistent drum beat with a solid, marching rhythm all throughout, giving us the musical impression that our hero is on a march, focused, unencumbered and unmatched.

Which is exactly what we’d expect from our Merc with a Mouth.

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