Folks, today’s a great day to be a Marvel fan. Disney Investor Day revealed a slew of surprises, including a second trailer for Marvel’s WandaVision! Fans have been clambering for another trailer for the Disney Plus series since the streamer started sharing posters on social media this past week. 

Now, the WandaVision trailer gives us a closer glimpse into the world Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) fabricated. It’s now quite clear that she’s being watched from the outside of her new reality. Additionally, we see her world fraying at the seams as the scenery and even people begin to feverishly glitch. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) winds up on Wanda and Vision’s (Paul Bettany) doorstep with nary a clue as to who she is or how she got there. 

But that’s not all! We were privy to a quick shot of Kat Dennings‘ Darcy Lewis and Randall Park‘s Jimmy Woo in WandaVision! I’m curious to see how they fit into this world. My guess is they’re on the outside looking in for this scenario. Perhaps they’ll play a part in attempting to disarm Wanda? There is a shot of Wanda flying, and she looks none too pleased. 

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Throughout the trailer, it’s apparent that WandaVision‘s commitment to classic sitcom tomfoolery will remain intact. It’s all very I Love Lucy, which I dig. I just hope this show doesn’t break my heart. 

It’s Disney and Marvel. Of course WandaVision will tear my heart asunder! But I’m sure there’ll be plenty of comedic hijinks too. 

You can watch the second trailer below. WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Parris, Kat Dennings and Randall Park. The miniseries will alter our realities on Friday, January 15, only on Disney Plus. 

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