It’s Halloween in Westview on “All-New Halloween Spooktacular,” WandaVision’s latest entry… regardless of what the date is outside of Wanda’s magic bubble. 

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In the sitcom world of WandaVision, it’s the ’90s now, and Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) cool brother, Uncle Pietro (Evan Peters) is crashing on the family’s couch. Twins Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy (Jett Klyne) break the fourth wall to tell us that things have been different at home lately, including between mom and dad. This is confirmed by Vision (Paul Bettany) begging out of trick-or-treating at the last minute so he can serve on the neighborhood watch. Fortunately, Uncle Pietro is happy to step in. 

Vision, Wanda and Pietro all wear costumes inspired by classic versions of their characters, put through a ’90s filter. Vision sets off alone, and Wanda and Pietro hit the town with the kids. 

As the twins enjoy their uncle’s speedy antics, grabbing candy and pulling pranks at sonic speed, Vision isn’t actually on duty. Wanda learns this from Herb (David Payton), but her brother being so changed and mysteriously back from the dead distracts her enough that she doesn’t seek her husband out for answers. 

Wanda tests Pietro a little, asking questions about their childhood. He counters by telling her that he was shot in the street like a chump (truth), and then he heard her calling him. Now he’s physically unrecognizable, but in a disconcerting moment in a hay bale maze, Wanda sees this Pietro dead with bullet holes where her brother was hit.

New Pietro gets her to confide in him, pointing out that the town is full of children (who must have been kept neatly out of the way somewhere until this episode), and that she kept families together and gave everyone better jobs. She’s mollified by the fact that he doesn’t think what she’s doing is bad and admits that she doesn’t know how she’s doing it. She just remembers feeling terribly alone, lost in an unending void, and then there was this. 

Meanwhile, Vision has discovered that the further he walks away from Wanda, the slower the residents of Westview are moving. At the outskirts of the hex, the people are frozen in place. It’s here that he finds Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) idling at an intersection on the edge of town. She is lost and confused, so he uses his powers to free her from Wanda’s control. She is so relieved to see an Avenger and thinks he’s there to save her– or that she must be dead because he is. He doesn’t know what Avengers are, and he certainly doesn’t know anything about being dead. Agnes becomes hysterical, so he returns her to Wanda’s control and promises to find a solution. 

Vision advances beyond the intersection and discovers the energy barrier encircling the town. He pushes his way through it, attracting the attention of Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) and his troops on the other side. They surround him, but Hayward holds them back, musing about how Vision really does want out. Darcy (Kat Dennings) rushes to the scene, yelling that they need to help Vision, who is disintegrating in front of them as he leaves Wanda’s world, but Hayward just has her cuffed to a vehicle so she can’t interfere. 

Inside the hex, the twins have exhibited super powers. Tommy has his uncle’s super speed, and Billy has his mother’s psychic powers. It’s with the latter that the family becomes aware of Vision’s predicament as Billy sees his father surrounded by guns and soldiers who believe he is dying, and Wanda goes full Scarlet Witch in response. 

Outside, Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), Darcy and FBI Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) have wound up on the wrong side of Hayward, who perceives them as sympathizers to super-powered people and impediments to his mission. He’s ordered them off his base, but Monica and Jimmy have overpowered their guards, and the three have started a counter-mission. When Vision breaks the barrier, Darcy is hacking Hayward’s devices and Monica and Jimmy are on their way out of town to meet a contact of Monica’s who can get her safely back into the hex. 

Wanda’s response to Vision’s peril is to push the perimeter out, absorbing the military installation, and Darcy, and converting the whole thing into a circus. She saves Vision by doing so, and Hayward and Monica/Jimmy are in the only two vehicles to get away before being consumed by the fantasy.

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