“On a Very Special Episode” indeed! WandaVision is getting very MCU — and serving *this* fan with a VERY satisfying twist!

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Outside Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) mind-controlled Westview, Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) and company are studying Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) (and her sweet ’70s wardrobe) in search of clues about what’s happening inside … and classifying Wanda as a terrorist. It turns out that nine days ago, Wanda stormed SWORD HQ and stole Vision’s (Paul Bettany) corpse. That, combined with some of her past bad actions and Monica’s testimony of being terrified and hopeless while under her spell are enough to cast her as a bad guy in Hayward’s eyes. 

As Monica and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), with coffees provided by FBI Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), try to figure out a safe way for Monica to reenter “the hex,” Darcy’s name for the hexagonal anomaly, a couple of theories emerge. 1. Wanda is manipulating matter to create the reality inside the anomaly — including converting the clothing Monica had on when she went in into the groovy duds she reemerged wearing. 2. Era-appropriate objects should be able to enter the anomaly without alteration. 

Monica scrounges up an ’80s-era drone, since this week we’re in a hybrid of Family Ties and Full House (remember how Elizabeth Olsen is related to the Olsen twins?). She flies it in, drawing the attention of Wanda and her now-10-year-old sons, and uses it to speak to them. Unbeknown to Monica, Hayward has armed the drone and overrides Monica to shoot a missile at Wanda. Wanda doesn’t like that. 

Moments later, Wanda walks out of the anomaly with the battered drone in her hand and throws it at the waiting Hayward. Everyone (and every gun) in the compound has raced to greet her, and all weapons are trained on her as she tells them that she has everything she wants and that they’d better stay out of her home. She mind controls the armed soldiers to refocus their aim on Hayward and walks back into her creation.

Inside Westview, things are moving fast. The episode opens with Wanda and Vision exhausted by their sleepless babies. Ubiquitous neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) pops in on her way to Jazzercise to offer a hand, and Vision freaks out. His aversion to her assistance provokes Agnes to ask Wanda if she should “go again,” which Vision catches and is confused by. Wanda tells Agnes to go ahead, and WandaVision step away to discuss what’s happening. Vision is starting to notice the cracks in reality, but before they get far in their conversation, they realize that the babies have stopped crying … and aged forward to become 5-year-olds. 

Later, Wanda finds the boys washing a dog they’ve found in the kitchen sink, and Agnes drops in again with a doghouse at exactly the right moment. Vision has noticed this pattern and is vocally suspicious. He is also upset when Wanda magics a collar and tag for little Sparky into existence while Agnes is in the room. They shift back to sitcom mode long enough to tell the boys its a no on having a dog until they’re 10, which inspires the twins to age themselves forward again. Agnes is unruffled by the twins’ rapid aging. 

Wanda decides Vision needs a distraction and gets him to work, where the office is installing brand-new PCs. Vision wows Norm (Asif Ali) by connecting him to the internet so he can receive his first ever email. When he does, the office reads it aloud in unison — a communication from Darcy regarding the anomaly. Vision uses his power to disrupt Wanda’s control over Norm and get some insight into what’s happening. 

At home, the boys and Wanda have lost Sparky and walk the streets calling for him. To their great dismay, they find him dead in Agnes’ arms as a result of eating her azalea leaves. Wanda explains to the boys, who want to age up again to escape the pain of losing their pup, that you can’t run away from grief. When they beg her to bring Sparky back, she further explains that there some rules you have to follow. Enter Vision. 

That night, Vision confronts Wanda. He tells her about talking to Norm’s true identity and begs her to stop whatever she’s doing. He says he can’t remember anything about his life before Westview. They face off, levitating in their living room as he begs her to explain herself. Things settle a bit when she tells him she isn’t exactly sure how things started. They sit on the sofa to talk, and they’re interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Wanda is genuinely surprised and insists to a skeptical Vision that she didn’t make that happen.

WandaVision warily walk to the door and answer it to find a strange young man. He greets Wanda enthusiastically, asking if she doesn’t have a hug for her long-lost brother. It’s Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters)! Wanda slowly recognizes this and embraces him, as we cut to Darcy watching and exclaiming about the casting change!

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For the first, and a much-hoped-for, integration of the Fox X-Men into the MCU, I’d qualify the way Evan Peters has officially assumed the role of Quicksilver as a win. What do you think??


Leona Laurie