It’s a new day and a new decade in the third episode of WandaVision, “Now in Color.” The WandaVisions are suddenly expecting a child, and the underlying mystery of the series is starting to leave real clues.

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When we last saw Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), they were discovering her suddenly pregnant belly and rapidly transitioning from black and white to color. Now they’re in full Brady mode, with ’70s fashion in full effect — and Wanda’s pregnancy is progressing RAPIDLY.

At the beginning of the episode/day, the quaint local doctor (Randy Oglesby) estimates that Wanda’s about four months pregnant, despite Vision’s more accurate assessment of it having only been 12 hours. Just a few hours later, twins Tommy and Billy have joined the WandaVision family. 

While Wanda nests in the house, assembling nursery furniture and painting a stork mural, Vision reads up on pregnancy. Intermittently, they’re shocked by either Wanda’s powers going a little berserk in response to her hormones or by how quickly her gestation period is moving along. For the most part, the laugh track keeps things grounded in typical retro sitcom land as appliances go haywire, Wanda’s water breaking makes it rain indoors and a real stork emerges from the mural to wander about the house. However, when the babies’ arrival becomes imminent, Vision races to collect the doctor, and Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) drops in on Wanda to “borrow a bucket” because all the pipes in her ceiling burst simultaneously — this is when things get weird.

At first, the sitcom high jinks continue. Wanda tries to conceal her sudden full-term pregnancy with a coat and a bowl of fruit to avoid questions, but her contractions evoke the stork and other surprises. When she suddenly hits the point of no return, Geraldine can’t help but notice spinning wall art, a self-operating vacuum and the flame-spewing fireplace that accompany Wanda’s final contractions and pushing. She decides there must be a logical explanation for everything and focuses on helping her friend, and Vision arrives just in time to meet the first of his two sons. 

Once the babies are born, Vision walks the doctor out and leaves Wanda and Geraldine alone. As they regard the sleeping infants, Geraldine comments on their being twins, and Wanda reveals that she was a twin. She says her brother’s name was Pietro, then sings her babies a lullaby in her native language. Geraldine looks as if she is emerging from a trance as she listens, and she comments that Pietro was killed by Ultron. Wanda turns on her, demanding that she repeat what she just said, and what the SWORD symbol on her necklace is with no studio audience softening the tension of what has become a very real moment. 

Outside, Vision finds Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) and Herb (David Payton) whispering over the wall that apparently separates the WandaVision home from Herb’s. When he approaches them, they nervously ask if Geraldine is alone with Wanda and say that Geraldine is new in town, has no husband and is homeless. They won’t say what brought her there, and Agnes abruptly returns to her usual “that Ralph!” tone and rides her bicycle away, cuing Herb to also revert to sitcom mode and leave as well. 

Concerned, Vision rushes into his house to find Wanda alone with the twins. He asks after Geraldine, and Wanda says dismissively that she went home. Then we see Geraldine shooting out of some kind of portal next to the sign at the border of “Westview,” where she’s immediately surrounded by military vehicles and caught in a helicopter’s spotlight. As the camera zooms out, we get a glimpse of what looks like some kind of VR/AR projection devices creating the world in which Wanda and Vision are living.

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Leona Laurie