“Who’s doing this to you, Jimmy?” Jimmy Fallon is now the title character of his own sitcom — FallonVision! And none other than Wanda Maximoff herself, Elizabeth Olsen, is the co-star. Olsen participated in a WandaVision parody sketch during her visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday evening. 

The WandaVision spoof opens with Fallon and Olsen donning 1950s garb while the actress feigns to be headlining a film from that era. We’re soon transported to the groovy 1970s. Olsen is puffing away on a joint and discussing her latest project that appears to be a free-spirited, stick-it-to-the-Man movie.

Next, we hear someone call out for Fallon. They ask who’s “doing this” to him. Olsen’s awareness that she’s stuck in a warped reality increases as FallonVision moves into the 1990s. Olsen attempts to coerce Fallon into dropping the act. She cites that his desire to have The Tonight Show in front of a live audience again has altered the timeline. Olsen urges Fallon to “let go.” Naturally, everyone’s pining for normalcy amid the age of COVID-19. 

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But, following in the footsteps of WandaVision, we learn that Fallon isn’t in control. Suddenly, Kathryn Hahn appears. She’s been pulling the strings! Hahn sings a line that parodies “Agatha All Along.” Now, it’s “Kathryn Hahn All Along.” 

You can watch the delightful FallonVision sketch below. It’ll make your day. And it’s proof positive that Elizabeth Olsen is a versatile performer of the highest caliber. Someone, please give her an Emmy already! Not to mention, Kathryn Hahn makes for a deliciously wicked villain. I’d watch a season of FallonVision. Give us all the WandaVision parodies!

We’re pretty certain that Kathryn Hahn makes every reality exponentially better. Especially WandaVision spoofs.




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