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Last month I did a review of The Walled City, an area control game where players actually form the areas to be controlled by placing roads and walls to form a city, and placing citizens therein. That was after my first play, on the Londonderry side of the board. (Read my review, here).


Yesterday I got the opportunity to play again, this time on the Borderlands side of the board. The Londonderry side is more compartmentalized and has a lot more opportunities for forming smaller neighborhoods. The Borderlands side of the board boasts more opportunities for deeper strategy. After playing it, I think that is a fair characterization.


The center of the board has an open area, which allows players to get more creative in how they place their roads and meeples. The wide open space provides a greater possibility for larger areas and, consequently, more chaos in who controls these areas at the end of the game’s two rounds. Obviously, which side of the board your group will prefer to play is subjective, but I think there is definitely more freedom and chances to set up a long term strategy on the Borderlands side. Honestly, though, I cannot wait to play Londonderry again so that I can compare and contrast.


The Walled City is one of the most underrated games I have come across. I throw it in there with Clockwork Wars and New Dawn for a group of games that provide a robust strategic experience in a tight presentation. This game needs a ton more love because it is as strong a Euro style game as any I’ve played. Check it out if you are looking for a fulfilling, mind stimulating, and FUN experience.

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Triple thumbs up from me for The Walled City: Londonderry & Borderlands.

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