Overwatch boasts a roster of 22 very unique characters with different histories, play styles, designs, and abilities.  Lucio is a support character, he can heal, damage, and speed boost both himself and his teammates.  But what further sets him apart from other characters is his ability to skate on just about any surface.  I’m mainly talking about walls but a truly skilled Lucio can do some ridiculous, gravity defying things.  Don’t believe me, watch the video below.

Most characters are easy to learn but difficult to master, you can jump into just about any game with any character and more or less do what you should do.  But to get to an epic level of play style takes practice, as with anything.  I’ve clocked way more hours on Mercy than any other character and I’m pretty good with her, but I’ve been learning Lucio when not in competitive mode.  After watching this video I realize my wall game is weak and I need way more practice with him.

The video is brought to us by DSPStanky and it’s introduced me to a new genre of music, electro swing.  So not only is it a great video, the music and editing are top notch.  Enjoy

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