The Walking Dead has shown us survivors from five different communities: Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, The Sanctuary, and Oceanside.  So now what happens when Ricks people want to fight back? The groups is separated.  As we’ve seen in the past, they don’t fare so well when they are separated.

Spoilers ahead…



Michonne (Danai Gurira) is walking around and whistling. Walkers start to follow her. She kills them and drags the bodies away.  Michonne continues to kill and pile up a lot of walkers to create a road block.  

One of the Saviors, a woman drives up on the road block. She gets out to look at it and Michonne jumps on her.  She tells the Savior to take her to Negan. They get into the car and start to leave.  The Savior stops the car abruptly, throwing Michonne off balance.  Michonne recovers quickly and bashes the woman head on the steering wheel.  She demands the Savior take her to Negan.


Rick and Aaron

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up the back of the truck.  He and Aaron (Ross Marquand) are scavenging for supplies. Aaron notices something that they missed the night before.  He sees a sign that says “Keep Going, the only thing for you here is trouble.”  They hop the gate and keep going.

They come across another sign, with a much longer message. Part of the message says that if the trespassers are still alive, it’s because the owner is dead.  Rick and Aaron see a pond full of walkers.  On the other side of the pond there is a house.  The message also mentions that the owner has a lot of guns and ammo. They have to cross the pond.  This is the last day to get supplies before Negan comes. 



Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) are leaving Alexandria, but won’t say where they are going.  Spencer (Austin Nichols) reminds Rosita that Rick is to blame for their payment to Negan.  Rosita asks if Spencer can do better than Rick.  He says he can.  She tells him to pay Negan with the stuff he hid for himself. She leaves with Eugene.

Rosita and Eugene the secret workshop that Eugene and Abraham found.  Eugene is trying to talk Rosita out of making a last season. Eugene tries to talk some sense into Rosita.  He says one bullet won’t do a lot of damage to Negan’s army.  And there will be a price to pay.  He says that price is not always paid by the person who is due.  Rosita gets angry.  She tells Eugene he owes her and Abraham. The only reason he has survived is because he lied and others felt sorry for him. It’s time for him to step up and be useful. She says if there is a price she will be the one to pay it.

After she gets her bullet, Rosita attempts to apologize to Eugene, but he won’t accept it.



After Rosita and Eugene leave them, Spencer and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) leave to find supplies.  Spencer asks if hating someone is a sin.  Gabriel says actions are what make people sinners. Spencer says he hates Rick. Rick is a bully.  Gabriel says that Rick isn’t perfect but he is strong.  Rick has inspired him.  Rick has saved lives.  Spencer blames Rick for everyone who has died in Alexandria.  Everything was good until he came along.

Gabriel tells Spencer not to reflect on the past.  Spencer says they would be better off if Rick never makes it back to Alexandria.  Gabriel asks him to stop the car.  He tells Spencer that hating Rick doesn’t make him a sinner, but it does make him ‘a tremendous s–t.’  It doesn’t have to be terminal.  Gabriel gets out of the car and walks back to Alexandria.

Spencer gets out too.  He hears something in the woods.  Spencer runs to the noise and finds a walker in a lookout post.  He uses a grappling hook to get a tactical bow and also pulls down the walker.  Spencer finds a pocket knife and a note in its pockets.


The Sanctuary

The savior truck with Jesus (Tom Payne) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) makes a  stop. Their route is blocked by a herd of walkers. The Saviors are sitting around talking until the herd clears up.  Then they head back to the Sanctuary

In the back of the truck, Jesus and Carl are still hiding.  Jesus cuts open syrup to spill along the way. He’s leaving a trail so he can find his way back. He tells Carl that they have to jump out of the truck before getting to the Sanctuary.  Carl tells Jesus to go first.  Jesus jumps, but Carl stays in the truck.  Carl gets a gun ready.

The truck stops and Carl hears Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) talking to the drivers. Carl gets ready to shoot them.  Someone sees him and he busts out of the truck shooting.

Carl tells everyone that he only wants Negan.  Negan comes around, whistling.  He talks about how Carl is scary. Daryl (Norman Reedus) is in the yard watching what happens to Carl.  Dwight (Austin Amelio) tackles Carl to the ground and takes the gun. Negan tells Dwight to back off.  Thats no way to treat a guest.  Negan takes Carl to show him around. Daryl looks worried.  


Carl gets up.  Negan instructs his men to take Daryl to the kitchen to prepare food.   Carl asks what Negan is going to do to him.  Negan tells Carl to not shatter his image of Carl. Carl is a badass and cannot act scared of Negan. Negan takes Carl inside.

They stands in front of a crowd of people. The saviors have gotten some supplie. Everyone can have supplies if they work for it.  He is giving them fresh vegetables without using points.

Next, Negan introduces Carl to his wives.  Negan talks to Sherry (Christine Evangelista) asking what happened with Mark (Griffin Freeman) and Amber (Autumn Dial).  He reminds Sherry that there are rules.  Mark broke the rules by skipping out on work to see Amber.


Sherry says Amber made a mistake and to go easy on her. He asks if he has ever hit one of them.  Sherry says no.  She knows Negan. There’s always something worse.

Negan gives Carl a beer. He sits and talks to Amber. Negan tells her that he doesn’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be there.  He tells her that he can go back to Mark. They have one rule. She says she can’t cheat on him. Negan tells her she can go back to Mark and her mom and he will put them on the same job.  

She says no, she wants to stay.  She loves him. He says it’s all going to work out.  

Sherry tells him that he’s an asshole.  He says her that’s how she likes it.  He kisses Sherry passionately.  

Dwight and Daryl walk in the room. Carl is shocked to see him. Daryl asks why Negan has Carl there. Negan’s warns Daryl not to ask any questions or he will put a toothpick in Carl’s good eye.  He tells Dwight to fire up the furnace.  Carl leaves with Negan and Sherry starts to cry.


Negan and Carl are talking in the bedroom. Negan is upset that Carl killed two of his men and he demands payment.  He says he likes Carl.  However, Carl killed two of his men and he cannot let that go unpaid.  Negan asks Carl to remove his bandage.  Carl complies and is immediately embarrassed. Negan makes fun of him until Carl starts to cry. Negan apologizes.  He forgets that Carl is just a kid.

After Fat Joey (Joshua Hoover) returns Lucille for Negan, Negan asks for a song.  Carl says he doesn’t know any. With Lucille in his face, Carl starts to sing “You Are My Sunshine.”  Negan asks if Carl’s mom sang that to him. Carl is upset with that comment.  Negan can see he hit a sore spot for Carl and asks what happened to his mom.  Carl just shakes his head indicating that his mother is dead.  Negan asks if Carl saw it happen.  Carl tells him he’s the one who killed her.  Negan calls Carl a serial killer in the making. Now he knows what Carl had to go through to become this way.  

Negan changes the subject. He says the iron should be ready.

They go to the furnace with most of the Savior looking on.  Mark is sitting in a chair, sweating.  


Negan addresses everyone, reminding them that they are Saviors and their rules keep them alive. When the rules are broken, you have to pay the consequences.  He says he doesn’t want to hurt Mark, but he has to pay for breaking the rules.  

Dwight takes an iron out of a fire and hands it Negan.   Negan presses the iron to Mark’s face. Marks screams until he passes out.  Negan makes Daryl clean up after Mark and orders the doctor to look after Mark.  Negan says that Mark’s burn will be a reminder of the rules. All is forgiven now.  

Daryl looks at Dwight and knows that Negan did the same thing to him.  

Negan whispers to Carl. He probably thinks Negan is a lunatic. Nega takes Carl away to decide what to do with him.


Sherry is smoking in the stairwell.  Dwight meets her and tells her it’s okay that she told Negan about Amber and Mark. Sherry says it wasn’t like that.  He snaps back “whatever helps you sleep.” They start to argue.  Sherry says when she made her deal with Negan, it wasn’t supposed to affect anyone else.  She decides to leave before they get caught. He says they aren’t doing anything. She agrees.

Negan is filling out paperwork while Carl sits across from him. Carl asks why Negan hasn’t kill him, Daryl or Rick.  Negan says he is making a soldier out of Daryl.  Rick is already providing some good stuff for him.  And Carl. Well, he thinks it’s more productive and fun to break Carl.  Negan says Carl is smart and asks what Carl thinks he should do.  Carl tells Negan to jump out of the window to save Carl the trouble of killing him.   Carl says Negan wont say what he’s going to do because he won’t do anything. If Negan knew them, he would kill them all, but he can’t.  

Negan is amused by Carl.  He tells Carl they are going for a ride. They get in the same truck Carl came to the Sanctuary in. Jesus is riding on top of the truck. Negan calls for Daryl and says Daryl seemed worried so he’s taking Carl home.  Daryl warns him about doing anything to Carl.  Negan calls for Dwight to take Daryl back to his cell. Daryl sees something on top of the truck. When they drive away, Jesus is no longer on top.


Daryl is in his closet and hears footsteps.  A note is slipped under the door. It says “Go Now” and a key is taped to the back.


Negan shows up at Olivia’s (Ann Mahoney) door and whistles his way in.  Olivia immediately asks Carl about Enid.  Carl assures her that Enid is fine.  Negan asks for Rick, but he is out scavenging. Olivia tells him they are starving.  He doesn’t believe her and makes fun of her weight. She starts to cry.  Negan asks her name and apologizes for being rude.  He says he will be there for a while.   Negan tells Olivia he will have sex with her if she wants to.  Olivia slaps him.  He tells her he likes her more now.  Negan asks her to make him some lemonade. He tells Carl to give him a tour of Alexandria.

Negan is having a blast on his tour.  He smiles as he feels the carpet under his bare feet; he watches the water run from a facet and hits a bulls eye on Carl’s dartboard.  Finally, he finds Judith. He is very gentle with Judith as he picks her up.  Carl is very nervous. (SO AM I!!!)


Rosita and Eugene return to Alexandria.  Spencer drives up and shows them the food medical supplies, water purifiers and flares that he found.  Rosita asks if he going to give it all to Negan. He answers that’s what Rick wants them to do.  Spencer whistles for the gate to opens. A stranger opens the gate and they see that Negan is already in Alexandria.

Negan is sitting on Rick’s porch holding Judith.  He tells Carl that he likes Alexandria and should just stay there. He’s talking Judith, saying he should just kill Rick and Carl.




First of all this episode was true to the comics I really enjoyed seeing it come to life Jeffrey Dean Morgan is amazing as Negan.   He makes you want to like him because he so charismatic but he also does and says things that really makes you want to hate him. It’s such a great performance.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already confirmed that he will return for Season 8.  So get used to Negan ways.  

Chandler Riggs also did an amazing job on this episode. He made Carl just as anxious as he was in the comics.  It’s awesome to see how far Riggs has come as an actor.  The character Carl has to had to deal with some very difficult situations.  Riggs hits it out of the park every time!  Carl is the future of the Walking Dead world. Everything he is going through will shape the leader he is becoming.  

I really really appreciate the writers for staying true to the scene between Negan and Carl. The relationship that is established within those scenes is important for what’s coming.  If you haven’t read the comics, then just wait and see.   

However Carl’s actions have consequences.  As we all know Negan is all about rules and making people pay when they break the rules so I’m really scared of what he’s going to do next.

Negan seems to want a kid.  I thought that when he was showing Carl around the Sanctuary.  On one hand, he wanted to show Carl how powerful he is. On the other, it was like Negan was showing Carl the world that could be his one day.  And really makes me uncomfortable seeing Negan holding Judith.  I really don’t know if he’s going to try to take Judith back to the sanctuary and raise her as his own daughter. Or will he kill a key member of the group?  

And who is trying to help Daryl escape? Will he get out of the Sanctuary?  Will he work with Jesus to do some damage before they leave?  AAAHHHHHHHHH! I just need Daryl to be ok.  It’s hard because we don’t’ know what’s going t happen to Daryl  He’s not in the comics.  At the same time it’s exciting to watch.  A fire was lit in Daryl when he saw Carl at the Sanctuary. Now it’s time to act!  Go Daryl Go!

The trailer for next week’s mid-season finale indicates that something bad is going to happen for Rick’s people.  Check out the trailer!

I’m so scared!

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