Here we are folks.  The most anticipated season premiere of 2016. The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere.

Ready or not…here we go…






Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is here.  He has the the upper hand on Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang.  He has made it clear that someone will pay for killing his people.  Negan and his men have captured and lined up Glenn (Steven Yeun), Rosita (Christan Serratos) Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Maggie (Lauren Cohen), Rick, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Aaron (Ross Marquand) Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in front of Negan.


The episode starts with the aftermath of the major death.  Rick is in shock and tells Negan that he is going to kill him.  Negan bends to talk to him and asks what weapon Rick had.  Someone tells Negan that Rick had a axe. Negan takes the axe and drags Rick to the RV.  They leave the group and Negan lets Rick know that what happens next will determine if anyone else dies.


As Negan taunts Rick in his grief, by throwing Rick’s axe out of the RV and making Rick retrieve it…with a bunch of walkers surrounding them.  As Rick is trying to find the axe, he is thinking back on what just happened.  From Rick’s perspective, we see what really happened.


Eenie…meenie…miny…moe…Abraham.  Negan chose Abraham.  He bashes Abraham over the head and having fun doing it.   Abraham’s last words are “Suck my nuts.”


Negan begins to taunt Rosita with the blood on the bat and Daryl lunges at him.  Negan’s men stops him and Negan tells them that they messed up.  They can’t fight back.  There are no exceptions.  BAM! Negan whacks Glenn in the head, causing him to become disoriented.  Glenn is trying to say something.  His final words are “Maggie, I’ll find you.”  (Oh! The Feels!)


Back at the RV, Negan tells Rick to think about what could happen.  This motivates him to find the axe and get back to the RV and they return to the rest of the group.

img_3314Negan tells the group that their little trip was about the way Rick looks at him.  Negan wants to change that.   He calls out Carl, who doesn’t seem afraid of Negan at all.  He makes him lie on the ground and draws a line on his arm.  He tells Rick to cut off Carl’s hand.  Rick offers to cut of his own hand and Michonne pleads to Negan to stop.  Negan tells Rick that if he doesn’t cut Carl’s arm, the rest of the gang will die.  Carl tells him to just do it.  Negan stops Rick. Rick looks at him with surprise and fear.  Fear. That’s what Negan was looking for.  Negan makes Rick say that he answers to Negan…he provides for Negan…Negan owns Rick.

To make matters worse, Negan decides to take Daryl with him.  He says he likes Daryl, he owns Daryl…Daryl is one of his people now.


Negan and his men leave the group in shock.  Maggie is the first to stand up as she tells Rick to get everyone ready to fight them.  The group rallies around her to take care of Glenn’s body, as Rosita, Eugene, and Sasha take care of Abraham’s body.  And they leave.

The heartbreaking scene is the entire group, having a meal together out side, with Glenn sitting at the head of the table, holding his son.  He turns to smile at Abraham.


The death scenes were brutal.  I was amazed that AMC would show that much blood and gore. I had to look away a couple of times.   I have been expecting Glenn’s death since I heard about it at Comic Con in 2013. That’s where I learned about his death in the comics at Robert Kirkman’s panel.  Although Glenn’s death was expected, it still hurt to watch the heart and soul of the show get killed.

These two actors, Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz are amazing actors.  It’s hard to imagine anyone else bringing Glenn and Abraham to life. Abraham’s one liners…no one can deliver like Michael Cudlitz can. And the fact that we’ve literally watched Glenn grow up on this show makes his death the most heartbreaking of all.

I’m so sad!  I love Steven Yeun!  Glenn’s absence is going to affect so much of the rest of the story.  He is the first original to died since Andrea in Season 3.   Rick said Glenn was his family…Glenn was our family as well.

R.I.P. Glenn Rhee

R.I.P. Abraham Ford


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