Thank you, Wacom, for sending me an Intuos Pro pen tablet for an honest review.

I’m not the biggest fan of the phrase, “an artist is only as good as his tools.” It has been said so many times that the actual origins of the phrase have been lost, and every time I hear it, it only makes me feel like the person saying it is dispairing the artist in some way. But, there is something to say about using good tools to create art. And they are precisely that, tools. Items that are used to help make the process smoother for the artist. And that is exactly what Wacom has created in all of their products.

The Wacom Intuos Pro is just the next step in helping to create a smooth and more straightforward experience for digital artists. The first thing that struck me with the Intuos Pro was its user-friendly interface. Before checking this one out, I had no experience with a pen tablet, but I had no trouble getting it connected to my computer and up and running. Once I was plugged in and ready to go, it took a few hours to get comfortable with how the tablet worked. And while it wasn’t plug-and-play, it makes sense that some things would need to be adjusted per person.

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And that is where I really fell in love with the Intuos Pro. Everyone who is going to use this pen tablet is going to use it for something similar yet different at the same time. Every digital artist has their own style and flows, so it makes sense that they would need something they could make their own. With multiple programable buttons, an easy interface and the ability to work within numerous different programs, it makes this a must-have.

Now, my art skills are rather lacking, but the pen tablet is great for tons of other things. First and foremost, as a (very, very) indie game developer, I wish I had something like this back during my time at school. It would have made drawing out level ideas and transferring them into Unity ten times easier. For those who don’t fall into the game design or digital artist columns, the Intuos Pro is still useful. I am a big fan of writing out my to-do list and calendars and continuously editing them. Being able to draw onto a calendar on my computer much as I would on a physical calendar was remarkable.

It also helped with jotting down notes for meetings and while reviewing other content. I didn’t have to worry about having tons of little pieces of notepaper littering my desk or losing any of it. And while I would 100% say that the Intuos Pro is entirely worth it for the additional uses, the cost is a bit too much for just those. At nearly $400, this isn’t something to just buy on a whim. If you fall into the category of using it all the time for some form of digital art or, for me, game design, I highly recommend it.

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