Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters in just a couple days! Can you feel it? That sweet, sweet Spidey Fever —

As we’ve already seen in the trailers, Tony Stark bequeaths unto his young apprentice superhero a brand new suit that has a whole host of brand new bells and whistles. And, since this is Stark Tech, there is, of course, an AI that can speak to Peter Parker. In the same way that Stark has, or had, Jarvis, Peter Parker has a voice in his suit.

A couple weeks ago, a new listing on IMDB had Jennifer Connelly listed as “Karen/Suit Lady.” This kicked off lots of speculation as to who in the world “Karen” or “Suit Lady” could be. But now, we’ve learned that “Suit Lady” pertains to the vocalized AI in Spider-Man’s new Stark Tech Spidey Suit. According to EW, his suit has 576 different combinations of web-slinging options among a lot of other gadgets, including the dulcet, calming voice of Jennifer Connelly’s AI, whom Peter names “Karen.”

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But wait, while we can all acknowledge that it is very cool indeed to have an Oscar-winning actress doing voice over for a Spider-Man movie, it’s even deeper than that. Paul Bettany, who’s now gone on to play The Vision in Marvel’s Avengers films, was originally the voice for Jarvis in Iron Man’s suits. Paul Bettany is married to Jennifer Connelly. So, as director Jon Watts says of it, “Yes, it’s Jarvis’ wife. It’s cool, right?”

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