When I first moved to L.A. in 2002, I was a hard-core Farscape fan (still am). I got work at this little coffee house in Santa Monica. It was a very physical job,  barista + cook + dishwasher + floor mopper + cop caller for all the vagrants that came in hopped up on meth.

I saw celebrities every now and then, Elijah Wood (who didn’t tip!), Anne Mirren, Jeremy Davies, Will Smith etc But I never got excited until…..

A man orders a latte. And as I take his money, he just seems so familiar to me, and then it hit me. “Are you Braca from Farscape?”  I asked.

He just stares at me in a moment of shock. Then he says, “Yes, wow, this is the first time I’ve ever been recognized in this country. I’m David Franklin, nice to meet you.” He was very thrilled.

One late afternoon, it’s raining and no one is in the shop but me, no co-workers or anything. This woman walks in and she was very cold from the weather. She ordered a veggie pot pie and salad and then asked me to call a cab for her. I call the cab and make her dinner. She’s standing at the coffee bar. I turn around and say, “Are you Virginia Hey?” And just like David Franklin, she was shocked.

“How can you recognize me without the make-up?” She asks. I tell her, “It’s your voice and eyes.”

We chatted a bit about Farscape and I said I missed her toward the end of the show. She told me that it was the make-up. It had been absorbed by her skin and she almost had organ failure because of it. Her health had taken a dramatic turn for the worse. So, she had to take care of herself.

We exchanged pleasantries and then she went to a table and sat down to eat her meal. It looked to me that she was also doing some kind of paperwork.

Her cab came and I let her know and said, “lovely to meet you,” and walked back to the coffee bar. She followed me and said “You are lovely, thank you so much for your help and kind words. This is for you.”

Holy Cow! I was so touched. What she gave me is below. She had pencil drawn the picture herself. She wrote, To Dearest Audrey, Thank you for your gentle spirit, Virginia Hey. I was incredibly moved that she thought this of me. All I was doing was being nice, but hey in this world, it’s always great to find a truly nice person.


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Audrey Kearns