We last saw Vincent D’onofrio in the role of Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk in the second season of Daredevil. He was running his criminal empire from prison, scheming his takeover of the entire place. In exchange for some information on who killed his family, Fisk bribed Frank Castle (Jon Berenthal), a.k.a. The Punisher, to lie in court so he would end up in prison to take out the rest of the competition.


Before that, of course, we saw him all throughout season one of Daredevil where he was one of the best villains in any Marvel property. But, he wasn’t in Jessica Jones and he wasn’t in the latest Netflix series, Luke Cage.

But he’s so good in the role and his character is so great for the Netflix world, we’re all expecting his return soon. So, where next will we see him?

Collider asked D’onofrio this very question when interviewing him about his upcoming TV series, Emerald City.

D’onofrio’s response was that Kingpin will of course be back, but he doesn’t know when. As D’onofrio said, “He will, eventually (be back). Honestly, I wish I knew ’cause I could plan my year better. I know he will come back, I just don’t know when.”

This sounds like he’s under contract and knows he’ll be back at some point. It’s also likely that he knows some of the storylines they are hoping to explore with his character.

VINCENT D'ONOFRIO as WILSON FISK in the Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil” Photo: Barry Wetcher © 2014 Netflix, Inc. All rights reserved.

D’onofrio then went on to completely geek out over Marvel, how much he loves playing roles for them, how he’d love to be in more stuff like that and how much he’s looking forward to the other films. As he said —

D’ONOFRIO: I’m totally into the Marvel stuff, big time. I want to do Marvel, all the time. I love it so much ‘cause they’re so creative over there. They let you bring this whole new thing to an iconic thing that they invented. It’s just so much fun. I love it to death. I want to see Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. There’s something about those movies. I dig the shit out of them. I’ve been tweeting back and forth with James Gunn, about doing something with him because I love Guardians of the Galaxy so much.

Sure Wonder Woman isn’t Marvel, but we can forgive him that — he’s just really excited about his comic book entertainment!

We’ve got Iron Fist coming out in March of this year. We also know at some point this year we’ll get The Defenders and it’s likely we’ll see The Punisher as well. It’s unlikely we’ll see Kingpin in Iron Fist, but very likely we’ll see him in either of the other two. There’s also a Daredevil Season Three at some point and it seems likely we’ll see him there as well, but that’s well into the future now and there’s no telling how different things will be on Netflix by that point.

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