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Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine one last time next March and not a lot is known about our Adamantium-clawed, berserker-prone mutant’s final film. According to nerd news site, The Nerdist, we know three things for certain: it’s R-rated, it’s set in the future and Boyd Holbrook plays an original character that is a “relentless, calculating… intense head of security for a global enterprise.”

But now, in an exclusive with Nerdist, they believe they’ve got the major villains locked down — The Reavers!
The Reavers are cybernetic soldiers created by major X-Men villain, Donald Pierce, himself a cyborg who belongs to the Hellfire Club. (You met that elite club in X-Men:First Class).


As Nerdist points out, it’s entirely possible that the “Global Enterprise” mentioned in Holbrook’s character description is the Hellfire Club, of which Donald Pierce is a member.



There’s also a possibility based on the post-credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse that the Reavers are the creation of Nathaniel Essex, a.k.a Mr. Sinister.


No matter what, it seems likely that Richard E. Grant will be playing one of the two, either Donald Pierce or Essex… Unless Holbrook is Pierce and they make him head of security…

We won’t know anything until Fox decides to tell us or we see our first trailer, until then, speculation is fun!

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