FIFA is a trendy video-game that entertains you with a live soccer experience. The game is a hit released by Electronic Arts’ label EA Sports. EA Sports is based in Redwood City, California and specializes in developing, and publishing sports video games. FIFA is an incredible simulation with an excellent user interface on a 3D video display. This video-game presents authentic simulations of popular games of the EPL, and Federations. The game enjoys growing popularity because soccer is enjoyed world wide and  popularized by the must-watch FIFA World Cup. Fans learn a lot about soccer, and upcoming players can rehearse new techniques on the gaming platform. However, there is a major concern for the considerable disparity between male, and female soccer players and FIFA is addressing the gap.

Is FIFA available on my favorite platform?

Do you want to play FIFA? The availability, and compatibility of a game on various devices makes it accessible to many players. Since 1993 FIFA Soccer has released top-notch video games. The firm has inventively developed, and updated video soccer to keep in step with the advancement in technology. FIFA is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Xbox 360. You can play this video-game on Java Platform, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. FIFA stands out for ease of navigation and impeccable features.

EA´s attempt to gain female soccer fans with the latest FIFA games

Soccer was one of the male-oriented sports from the ancient times but from the 20th century a revolution was witnessed by launching, and popularizing of women’s soccer. However, there has always been a huge gap between the popularity and especially salary for male and female athletes. But this gap is not really a phenomenon in soccer only. Almost throughout every kind of sport, males get more attention and usually earn a lot more money than their female counterparts. On this page you can get a good overlook on how tremendous the gap really is and also find more information on the issue. With the 2018 version of FIFA, EA tried to address this topic with the option to play with female teams. This decision was not only intended to make FIFA and soccer more attractive for women, it also results in a more open minded perception for women in soccer by men.  EA took a huge and long overdue step in a direction of increasing the global interest in women’s sports.

Outstanding Features of FIFA

• The iconic Electronic Arts Brand
Electronic Arts has been around since 1980s, and has developed world-class gaming options. Electronic Arts holds an unbeatable record in soccer video-games. The annual sales are estimated at over 24 million subscriptions. The numerous variants of FIFA games have made the developer popular. The games come with excellent features, and most customers want to explore the diversity in different packages. The company is popular, and new customers prefer to purchase renowned products to get value for their money.
• Incredible graphics
FIFA features cutting-edge HD graphics that make the game impressive. The control panel is user-friendly, and the features are updated to the recent technology. Players enjoy an array of attractive soccer games with unique themes. FIFA has a powerful in-built player impact engine that delivers authentic physicality in the virtual pitch. This stimulates action, and ultimate catharsis. You will be overwhelmed by precision dribbling to evade experienced attackers. The apt midfielders and defense inject great energy into the game. You can’t imagine of a draw stalemate that is full of action. An overtime is a round of reckoning for the rival teams. A focused defense outsmarts its opponent in interceptions, tackling, positioning, and passes. The Pro Player Intelligence makes the game simple to play on your PC.
• Exclusive licensed leagues
Have you exhausted other video-games? FIFA goes an extra mile to provide you an exclusive collection of soccer tournaments. EA Sports has signed 400+ exclusive licenses with leagues, federations, and international soccer stars. The video-soccer franchise enjoys the support of over 20 million players.
• Multi-platform compatibility
The developing technology is rendering most devices incompatible with new software. New platforms often fail to work on old versions of devices. FIFA is a versatile video-game that you can play on all the genres of gaming platforms. The recent versions of games require updated platforms to function efficiently, and display the motion pictures perfectly. FIFA will function flawlessly on any device you use.

Why play FIFA?

Are you a fan of soccer? It is likely that soccer video-games are more appealing to you than other genres of games. You also need this advanced soccer in the virtual world that is a perfect reflection of the real field experience. Unique dibbling skills, mid-field prowess, and defense techniques are displayed in light of the leading soccer stars. The world-class penalties, and free kicks inspired by super stars such as Lionel Messi enhance your gaming encounter. If you are a newbie interested in the basics of soccer, this is a good starting point. EA Sports has beaten rivals such as Konami to be an all-time developer of soccer video-games with exclusive features. FIFA provides you an opportunity to play female soccer on your platform. FIFA is worth your time. Install the recent version of the game, and customize your gaming experience. Scroll down the variants, and select a new variety every time you play. Play on any device at your convenience, and explore the exciting user-friendly features. Go FIFA!