Do you love ghosts? Are you missing The Magicians and pining for Orphan Black? Have you always wanted to see Olivia Taylor Dudley and Kristian Bruun together on screen? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then I have a pleasant surprise for you! The Mystic Museum is an eleven minute short film presented by Nerdist, which stars the very same aforementioned actors. A woman named Olivia (Dudley) seeks the aid of two occult shop workers at The Mystic Museum. Kelsey (Kelsey Gunn) and Lester (Bruun) decide to hop aboard the haunting bandwagon and help Olivia contact a ghost. The Mystic Museum couldn’t have had a more timely release, as Halloween is just around the corner. You know, the most wonderful time of the year. 

Now, The Mystic Museum opens with Kelsey demonstrating the capabilities of an Ouija board for a potential customer named Erik (Jake T. Getman). Erik is incredulous of the board’s abilities to operate on its own. He believes Kelsey herself is maneuvering it. After the young Erik flips the bird (seriously, where are his parents), he storms off in a huff. Kelsey turns to Lester and asks him to close up shop an hour early. Lester informs Kelsey that they only have one dollar in their till. So, times are tough. 

Then, a harried woman named Olivia begs them to let her in. She’s clearly shaken to the core. Olivia reveals to the duo that she’s being haunted by a ghost. We see her begin to rifle through The Mystic Museum’s vast book collection on ghosts. Kelsey and Lester are initially quick to brush her off, telling her they’re closed for business. That is, until Olivia admits aloud of her haunting experience. There be ghosts, y’all. 

Next, Kelsey and Lester take her to the backroom of the shop. Lester unveils a machine called The Tommy. Supposedly, The Tommy was constructed prior to the passing of Thomas Edison (hence the name). Lester hooks up Olivia to said machine. She will act as a conduit for the ghost in question, a portal to the other side. We see sparks begin to fly as Olivia demands the spirit world to produce her haunter. 

Finally, said ghost enters the scene amidst a flurry of blue sparks. Timothy Merritt (Ptolemy Slocum), long deceased, admits to Olivia that he needs her help. A new ghost in town has taken up residence at his usual haunting spot. Timothy desperately wants the swift hand of justice to settle their score. A ghost in need of the law. Since Olivia is currently a paralegal studying to become a lawyer, Timothy thought she might be of use in the matter. Olivia scoffs at this. That is, until Timothy vows to ramp up the haunting of her apartment. Double the toil and trouble! 

Next, Olivia hastily agrees to help him with his case. Kelsey eagerly promises to aid Olivia with whatever she needs to prosecute a ghost. Henceforth, Olivia the Paranormal Paralegal is born. Kelsey hands her a large volume detailing everything she needs to know about the paranormal. Time to get cracking!

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The Mystic Museum was created and directed by Andrew Bowser. Nerdist struck gold here, in my opinion. Not only is it perfectly suited for the season, but I can picture this morphing into a full-fledged series. In fact, I desperately want it to, especially after that cliffhanger of an ending. I want us to see Olivia take on her first case as a representative of Timothy. Perhaps she’ll inherit more ghostly clientele for different cases. Maybe we’ll get a peek into the lives of Kelsey and Lester, proprietors of The Mystic Museum. 

Now, I’ve posted the entirety of The Mystic Museum below for your enjoyment. Savor it, watch it till your little Halloween heart’s content. Revel in its spooky, haunting charm. Enjoy! 


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