Sony’s Venom 2 has already added the villain Carnage to the film. Today, Deadline reported that there will another villain for anti-hero Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) to go up against, Shriek. Sony has declined to comment on the news. 

During the credits of the Venom film, we got a peek at Carnage (Woody Harrelson), letting us know he would be the big bad of the sequel. Carnage is serial killer Cletus Kasady.

Shriek is Frances Barrison, a drug dealer with an abusive upbringing. Her traumatic life triggered her mutant powers which include sound manipulation, energy blasts and mind manipulation. Deadline reports that the Venom 2 will draw on Marvel’s Maximum Carnage saga for the character. 

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Sources also say that casting is wide open and that they are looking for an “unknown” which is really cool. Shriek is an awesome, layered character for a newcomer to sink their teeth into. 

Along with Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams is returning for Venom 2. As mentioned, Woody Harrelson is set to star as Carnage. Andy Serkis is slated to direct. The film is set to release October 2, 2020.