~Matt Key

So much in-fighting last night on CW’s newest DC Comics series, Legends of Tomorrow! It was Rory vs. Rip, Snart vs. Rip, Sara vs. Kendra, Firestorm vs. himself.

Actually, Rip pretty much fights against everybody. Though, it’s safe to assume we all love when he fights Rory since, you know, that was Arthur Darvill’s character on Doctor Who.

But, all of this in-fighting and refusal to work together has led to Dr. Martin Stein being captured and thrown into a Russian gulag. There’s no getting out of one of those. Even worse, Vandal Savage is trying to create his own version of the Firestorm matrix and he’s forcing Stein to work on that now.

So now, in the next episode, they have to free Stein without doing too much damage to the time stream.

And, according to this sneak peek, we can expect a pretty dramatic episode next week as it looks like Vandal Savage is successful and actually gets close to creating his own Firestorm and the team might, just might, have to assassinate, their team mate Stein.

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