~Matt Key

Tessa Thompson has arrived on the set of Thor: Ragnarok! It seems that the entire team is now there, though we have yet to hear from Loki or Hela, that is,  Tom Hiddleston or Cate Blanchett.

Thompson announced her arrival via Instagram by posting some fan made artwork of her, by artist Nikkolas, as the mighty Asgardian character she is playing — Valkyrie. Along with the picture, Thompson had an important message of support and solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, saying, “Inspired by all the Warriors leading movements in the very real world right now, as I start my first day being one in the MCU for #Thor3.”

And this is why inclusion matters. It is not a huge deal to change a fictional character’s race or gender — as long as the core conceits of that character and their stories can still be kept in tact, they can be changed to any ethnicity or gender. But changing a traditionally white, blonde-haired hero to a black hero gives that actor a new platform to inspire a whole new generation of kids that otherwise may not have been inspired in that way. It allows us to add even more voices to the conversation, and those voices need to be heard.

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