V.E. Schwab has a new series set in the world of her Villains novels in the form of a comic called ExtraOrdinary. Schwab’s work spans years and genres. Whether you’ve read her Shades of Magic series or the 2020 standalone The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, you’re probably a fan.

Her 2013 superhero novel Vicious and its 2018 sequel Vengeful aren’t as well known, but they’re definitely worth the hype. Vicious premiered quietly. Still, Vicious received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and several top fantasy/science fiction literary honors. The Guardian described the novel as “a brilliant exploration of the superhero mythos and a riveting revenge thriller.”

The series follows Victor and Eli, brilliant college students who learn how to create superhuman abilities brought on by near-death experiences. After a tragedy, the two take wildly different paths. Eventually, they come back together after a decade filled with thoughts of revenge and power.

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The new comic series, ExtraOrdinary, takes place between the two novels. It centers on Charlotte Tills, a teenage girl who narrowly survives a bus crash. The near-death experience makes her into an EO and Charlotte gains the ability to see people’s deaths before they occur. When she sees her own death at the hands of the EO-killer Eli Ever, she sets out to change her future before it happens.

Entertainment Weekly shared a first look at the ExtraOrdinary cover — and a few pages — this week. Schwab revealed the cover on her own social media as well. Based on the preview, it’s going to be just as dark and riveting as the original novels.

There’s no word yet on how involved the Villains characters will be, but the comic gives readers an expanded look into the world Schwab created.

ExtraOrdinary launches May 5, 2021 with a special issue No. 0 that introduces the four-part series. Fans can pre-order the first issue in the US from their independent comic shop and in the UK/Europe from Forbidden Planet. In the meantime, there are plenty of other V.E. Schwab books to devour while you wait!




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