In the wake of COVID-19 events within the video game industry were either canceled or rescheduled. Some however decided to take things digital. The USC Games Expo sponsored by Jam City Games is typically an in house event that brings in fans to test games created by their students. After the global shut down however they needed to improvise. The team made quick work to adjust the expo to an all-digital one while also helping their students adjust to working from home.

The USC Games Expo kicked off today with an opening speech from USC Games Director Danny Bilson. It also included appearances from multiple celebrities and video game industry big names like Mark HamillFelicia DayGeoff Keighley, Jeffrey Kaplan, and many more. It went on to show trailers for 15 games created by current students. They are also allowing people from around the world to test out over 50 student games that can be downloaded through their website.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the beginning of the USC Games Expo, we have you covered with the 15 trailers showed off during the event.

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Shortstacked is a two-person couch co-op that will have you skipping school with your best friend in order to pull off some wild adventures. Player’s will take control of each of the boys as they don a trenchcoat and pretend to play grownup and not get caught.


Players will guide a magical tree spirit in Koa as he sets out to protect his home. Using his special abilities the player can explore the forest, discover it’s secrets and overcome obstacles to save the world.


In Ginkgo players will explore a dark dream world full of yokai monsters and unsolved mysteries. Using a magic needle the player will be able to solve puzzles and progress through maze-like levels to unlock memories of the main protagonist’s estranged mother.


Retronomicon is a 2.5D retro-inspiried arcade type game. Players will need to adjust obstacles in each level in order to keep a ricocheting ball in motion. The end goal is to gain as many points as possible before hitting the ball into the final goal.

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Players will take control of an aspiring wildlife photographer who has found herself in the magical jungles of Maravilla Island. In Beasts of Maravilla Island, the player will need to solve puzzles to discover creatures and learn about them and take their photographs.


Bottles is a mind-bending puzzle game that puts the magic at your fingertips. Each level takes place with a miniature bottle that can be rotated to help guide the player through. Play as a curious octopus or a glowing jellyfish and unlock the secrets of a deep-sea wreck.


Catharsis is a game where the player is in control of a recently blind artist. Stuck inside his memory, the player needs to guide him through this world in order to find hope. The screen is entirely black though players can temporarily light it up in order to find their surroundings.


Soulfarer mixes VR gameplay with physical therapy to prevent and treat pain or injury. Using elements of both traditional therapy and games, the player communes with the nature around them while casting spells and manipulating the natural world around them.

The Candle

In The Candle players will find themselves waking up in a pitch-black room with nothing but a talking candle. The game uses innovative eye-tracking technology to challenge the player to discover the evil secrets of the house while trying to escape.

Koshka’s Kofe

Catarina returns home after inheriting her estranged father’s coffee shop in Koshka’s Kofe. In this visual novel, players will make coffee, meet other animal characters, and try and stop a predatory corporation from buying your father’s shop.

Light at the End of the Tunnels

Light at the End of the Tunnels is a virtual reality horror experience where the player takes on the role of an office intern. They are sent down to investigate an old mining site armed with only a camera to take photos with. Try and find your co-worker Darry before it is too late!

The Witch List

The Witch List is a collectible card game with gesture-based spell summoning gameplay. Players can join a coven of friends to summon demons, learn powerful spells and strive to become the strongest in the land.

Serpent Showdown

Friends get ready to go head-to-head in Serpent Showdown, a couch co-op arena fighter. Don your trusty cardboard armor and grab your crayon and strike, slither, and slash your way to victory.

Our America

Our America begins as a simple commute for Malcolm and his dad before things escalate quickly to a life or death encounter. The VR game will give players the chance to see life through the eyes of an African-American in the U.S.


Incursion is a real-time strategy game where players will go head to head with first-person shooter games in a multiplayer co-op competition! Which genre will come out on top! Join forces with your friends and fight for the chance to claim this mysterious planet as your own.




Catch Me