John Boyega is flipping the switch on us now that Star Wars is done and over with, for him at least. He has his eyes set on creating feature films that focus on Africa’s history of rich storytelling. His production company UpperRoom Productions will be working on these exclusively with Netflix.

The UpperRoom Productions films will be non-English speaking narratives that focus on stories, characters, mythology and more featured in both east and west Africa. John Boyega took to Twitter to share his excitement with fans. This announcement came on the heels of Netflix’s release of Queen Sono, their first African original. The series follows a South African spy as she sets out on her most dangerous mission yet.

Netflix has two more African originals slated to release later this year, Blood & Water and Mama K’s Team 4. African is home to so much rich storytelling, characters, and mythology. I am honestly surprised this hasn’t been started sooner. We don’t know exactly what stories Boyega and UpperRoom Productions will be telling just yet, but I have no doubt they will be incredible. 

Check back with us for more news on upcoming feature film announcements from John Boyega and UpperRoom Productions!

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Julia Roth
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