Once upon a time, Snow White and Prince Charming lived happily ever after.  Until the Evil Queen returned and ruined their happy ending forever.  That’s what you get when you share one heart.

The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) is determined to get Snow White’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) heart.  The heart that she shares with David (Josh Dallas), a.k.a. Prince Charming.  Queenie will go to any lengths to get what she wants. She teams up with Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) to make things happen.


The first part of her plan is to give Snow a vial of dark water.  The Queen tells Snow that she has twelve hours to figure out what it does.  At which time, Snow will give The Queen her heart to save the people of Storybrooke.  The same heart that Snow shares with David.

Regina (Lana Parrilla) figures out that the dark water in the vial is water from the River of Lost Souls.  Gold gave it to the Queen.  He brought back the water from the underworld.


The Blue Fairy a.k.a. Mother Superior (Keegan Connor Tracy) tells the gang that there may be a way to imprison the Queen.  There is a tree sapling that was created by the first spark of a true love.  There may be one somewhere in Storybrooke. (Of course it is)

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) suggests using magic to find it. Blue says they can use magic to find the sapling. The Queen, Mr. Gold and Zelena (Rebecca Mader) would also know where the sapling is.  It would be a race to get to it first.

Regina says she may have a distraction.  She admits that she had chemistry with Gold.  Regina uses that history to lure Zelena to Gold’s shop. Zelena walks in on Gold and EQ making out.  


Zelena suspects that the Queen has been working with Gold to get her revenge on Snow.  The Queen insists that Gold is simply an old friend.  Zelena catches the Queen and Gold together, kissing.  She is upset and jealous.  Zelena believed that she and the Queen were supposed to take over Storybrooke together.

Gold shows the Queen a note that Regina wrote, posing as the Queen.  He tells the sisters that they are being played.

In a touching moment, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) consoles Emma about her parents. He reminds her that she is the product of true love. (Awwwww…)


Blue uses her magic to find the sapling. Regina finds a hidden passageway that leads below ground.  They enter and find the sapling.  David and Snow pick up the sapling and they see each other’s lives flash before them.  The Queen shows up and destroys the sapling.  

Snow remembers passing her coins into someone’s hand.  Snow says that David wasn’t there for that memory. Her memory.  David replies that it was Snow who wasn’t there.


Flashback to the Enchanted Forest…

Snow is trying to sell her jewelry to raise money to book passage away from Regina.  A man attacks her.  Blue and Snow stand up to him and he runs.   The woodcutter is the man who attacked them. This means that Regina has sent him to find Snow. Snow decides she has to leave right away.


David is looking for a lost sheep. He and his mother are having a hard time keeping their farm going.  His mother tells him that it’s time to sell their farm.  They are head to the same port.  

They both encounter the same man in the woods.  The man drugs David and takes David’s dog.  He is the woodcutter and he uses David’s dog to find Snow White.  

David is awaken by his dog.  He finds the woodcutter’s carriage. Snow is inside and asks for help.  David tries to open the carriage and the woodcutter catches him.  The two men fight, cutting open the carriage. David kills the woodcutter.


He tries to open the carriage and Snow stops him. She tells him that there is a price on her head. If he sees her face, there will be a target on his back. He hands her the key to the carriage.  She gives him her coins for helping her. Their hands lightly touch.  A sapling begins to grow beneath their hands.

Snow and David decide to  give into the Queen’s demands. They meet the Queen at the cemetery to give their hearts to her.  


Zelena approaches Belle (Emilie De Ravin) to tell her that she should be concerned with what her husband has been doing with the Evil Queen.


Emma, Henry (Jared Gilmore), and Regina are upset by their decision.  Snow and David are very calm.  


The Queen takes their heart and stares at it. She says she wants to give Snow her pain of being alone. The Queen couldn’t accomplish that by killing them.  The Queen puts the split heart back into David and Snow’s chest.  Snow collapses.  The Queen put a sleeping curse on Snow and makes her disappear.

Belle visits Gold and tells him that she knows about the Queen.  She says she doesn’t care. She is upset that Gold plans to use the Shears of Destiny on their son.  He is going to use them to cut off his son’s future. Belle tells Gold that she forbids him from tampering with their son’s future. She tells him that she believes that Gold can be a good man. If he wants his son’s love, he shouldn’t just take it.  He should be worthy of his son’s love. Gold is obviously afraid.  Belle tells him he is weak.  She leaves and Gold is furious with Zelena.


David and Emma are looking for Snow.  They find her where David first kissed her…in a tree trunk.  Regina, Henry and Hook join them.  David kisses her and Snow wakes up.  They look at each other and David falls.  He is asleep.  The Queen put a sleeping curse on the heart that they share. While one is awake, the other will sleep. They can never be together.  The only cure for a sleeping curse is True Love’s Kiss.


WOW! That was an interestingly evil twist!  I enjoyed this episode. The point of a fairy tale is to overcome all obstacles to be with your one true love.  When Snow White and Prince Charming found each other in Season 1, that was it. They have always been together.  And they became boring.  They have been tested throughout the series, but always remained side by side.  They are still together, but not really.  I’m intrigued to see how they break this curse.  I bet Emma has something to do with that.

And GOLD!!! So close and yet so far away.  Will he ever learn? No…of course not…he’s too scared not to be in control of his own destiny and the destinies of those he loves.  He’s already lost one wife and one son.  And he is making new mistakes that will cost him Belle and his new son.  S…M…H…

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