Universal is making a brilliant move and remaking a couple of their classic horror movies. The first being The Mummy, which I’ve thought for years should be remade. I know they made the Brendan Fraser versions and those were a lot of fun, but I wanted to see a remake in the same vein as the original 1932 version. Mega-star Tom Cruise has signed on to star and Sofia Boutella will be The Mummy! Remember her as the badass villain with blades for legs in The Kingsman? Plus, she’s in the upcoming Star Trek film. Yea, she’s going to be the freakin’ title role and I have no doubt she’ll kill it.


Now, Universal has signed Johnny Depp to play The Invisible Man, based on the H.G.Wells science fiction story. The original movie was directed by James Whale and starred Claude Rains and had a brief life, for two seasons, as a television series.



 Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan will produce both monster movies. Kurtzman will direct The Mummy which is being written by Jon Spaihts. No word on who will direct or write The Invisible Man but it looks like Fargo creator, Noah Hawleyis writing yet another Universal monster movie, The Wolf Man!

Yes to all of this!!!

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