DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Undone episode “Help Me” has spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, time travelers! The intricacies and twists and turns of this season are things of beauty. Undone‘s sixth episode, “Help Me,” dives deeper into the well of intergenerational trauma, delving into Alma’s grandmother’s troubled past. I love the plot twist regarding Alma’s door and how young Geraldine’s trauma dwells behind it. 

While Undone challenges and rebels against what we know of time travel in science fiction, there’s something comforting about nothing being off-limits in this universe. Like Becca comments, it’s that easy. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but perhaps it won’t.

We all wish we could heal family pain to carve out a brighter future, and it’s cathartic, in a way, to watch Alma live out our desires. 

Ready to dig deep into “Help Me”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Alma (Rosa Salazar) receiving hydrotherapy treatment in the mental hospital. She tries to transport herself back home, but the fog reappears, signifying the block in her abilities. 

Then, Alma dances as she does in Season 1 after learning about her father’s research on Indigenous cultures. She arrives back in the fog, but she spots her Indigenous ancestors partaking in a traditional Jewish dance — indicative of Alma’s Indigenous and Jewish backgrounds.

Alma watching while Geraldine plays the piano in Undone Season 2 Episode 6 "Help Me."

Pictured: Alma (Rosa Salazar) and Geraldine (Holley Fain) in UNDONE Season 2 Episode 6, “Help Me.” Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Suddenly, Alma’s door materializes, and she spots Becca (Angelique Cabral) walking down the corridor away from Alejandro’s apartment. Unfortunately, Alma can’t reach Becca. 

Later, Alma sees Becca wandering through the cafeteria in the hospital, and she follows her sister. However, Becca boards an elevator that crumbles away when Alma stands before it, revealing the vast expanse of a starry sky. 

Alma finds her grandmother, Geraldine (Holley Fain), softly playing the piano in another room. Geraldine is much younger here. Geraldine remembers seeing Alma and urges her to stop following her. The grandmother-granddaughter duo heads outside to discuss why Alma’s there. Becca accidentally sent Alma to the wrong time — Alma wanted to visit the moment Geraldine discouraged Camila from adopting Alejandro. 

Geraldine asks Alma whether “she” sent her. Alma knows something transpired to turn Geraldine away from utilizing her abilities. However, Geraldine wants nothing to do with our heroine. 

Next, Alma and Geraldine are in art class. Alma notices Geraldine creates the same artwork Jacob has at home. Geraldine explains that said artwork represents the multiple facets of herself. But the lone brown square on the sidelines indicates a part she wishes to avoid. 

Geraldine crying while crouched on the floor in Undone Season 2 Episode 6 "Help Me."

Pictured: Geraldine (Holley Fain) in UNDONE Season 2 Episode 6, “Help Me.” Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Alma watches while a young Jacob visits his mother, and the pair briefly lock eyes. Geraldine overhears Alma playing the rainbow song on the piano, which was inspired by Geraldine’s tune that she heard in a dream. Geraldine asks Alma to teach her the rainbow song, and while the duo sings and plays, another portal opens above the piano. Becca peers through it at her sister and Geraldine. 

Geraldine quickly flees while Alma crawls through the portal. Alma reveals where Becca sent her and what she saw back in the present. Geraldine’s concealing something painful, and Alma believes they should get to its root. Additionally, if they can reverse Geraldine’s advice to Camila regarding Alejandro’s adoption, he can be part of their family. Here’s to healing intergenerational trauma!

Meanwhile, back at Rosario’s house, Jacob (Bob Odenkirk) and Camila (Constance Marie) argue about the latter’s choice to keep her son a secret. Camila urges Jacob to face the facts: their marriage has been on the rocks for years, so perhaps it’s time to call it a day. Camila tells him she plans to stay with her mother for a while. 

Then, Alma informs Jacob and Becca about her trip to the past. Jacob and Becca discourage Alma from pressing on, citing that she’s doing more harm than good. But Alma believes they have the opportunity to change the past, and they should seize it. 

Finally, Jacob and Alma reveal the truth to Becca regarding the timeline they saved. Despite Becca’s abject shock, she agrees they should mine the depths of Geraldine’s memories to eradicate their collective familial pain. Jacob reluctantly joins the fray. 

We see Jacob, Alma and Becca travel to the last time Camila visited Geraldine. Jacob feels remorseful for not sticking around, but he explains how close Camila and Geraldine were. Camila thought of Geraldine as a mother. We hear Camila broach the subject of adopting her son, and she seeks Geraldine’s advice. However, Geraldine urges Camila to keep her family as it is. Someone might adopt Alejandro soon enough. 

After Camila departs, Jacob, Alma and Becca approach Geraldine. They persuade her to change her stance, to encourage Camila to adopt Alejandro. But Camila remains unwavering in her opinion. 

Geraldine and Alma sitting in front of a piano and staring at something off screen in Undone Season 2 Episode 6 "Help Me."

Pictured: Geraldine (Holley Fain) and Alma (Rosa Salazar) in UNDONE Season 2 Episode 6, “Help Me.” Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Alma notices the artwork from decades before and points to the brown square in the corner. Suddenly, the multicolored shapes come to life, swirling around our time-traveling family. The brown square transforms into Alma’s door. Alma, Becca and Jacob muse whether the child Alma heard was Alejandro or a young Geraldine. Jacob speaks through the door to his mother, calling her by her birth name. 

Then, the door finally opens. 

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“Help Me” deftly explores the effects of trauma and how vital it is to support our inner child as adults. And, as usual, Undone continues to push the boundaries of time and our identities concerning it. Bring on the last two episodes!

Do you think our heroes can reverse Geraldine’s decision? Will we see Alejandro again? Join me while I recap Undone, only on Geek Girl Authority. 

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