The latest Underworld: Blood Wars trailer is here and we finally get a better idea of the plot.

This is the fifth movie in the Underworld franchise.  Underworld introduced us to the world, Underworld: Evolutions continued the story of Selene (Kate Beckinsale), Michael (Scott Speedman), Lucian (Michael Sheen), and the war.  Underworld: Rise of the Lycans showed us how it all began, while Underworld: Awakening jumped into a future where humans are aware of the two supernatural races.  Which brings us back to Blood Wars, and finally back to the main storyline of the war between the Vampires and the Lycans.

What we’ve learned so far is Selene’s blood is special, which we know from Underworld: Evolution.  The Lycans are after it, apparently, if they get their hands on Selene’s blood it will make them unstoppable.  We all know how bad that will be since the Lycans’ entire drive is the eradication of all Vampires.  That’s the basic premise, but then it goes on from there.

The only way to save everyone is to stop the war, no idea how that is going to happen but it consists of Selene going into the mountains and meeting a new type of Vampire.  At least, I think it’s a new type of Vampire.  Anyway, Selene goes through some mummy wrapping, gets dipped in liquid, and comes out the other side being able to basically teleports and immune to sunlight.  That’s it!  Game over, man!  What do you do to stop that?  She was already stronger than any other Vampire before being baptized and born again.

Couple of things I want to know.  How long after Underworld: Awakening is this?  Do the humans still know about Vampires and Lycans or has amnesia settled over the planet?  Or, what is more likely, do humans think the two races are completely eradicated?  How did Marius come to power?  Who is the white haired woman?  Will this be the last movie in the franchise? So many questions.  I guess everything will be answered January 6, 2017.

Well, almost everything.  Not sure if we will get the answer to the franchise question.  If it were up to me, these movies would never end.

My favorite part, David (Theo James) saying he needs to protect her.  Cut to montage of Selene kicking all kinds of ass then saying “Do I look worried?” Beautiful.