Uncharted is a terrific action adventure game that reminds me so much of Indy in the best ways. So, it was a no-brainer that it would make a great movie. That is, if it would come out of development limbo. The latest director Travis Knight had to drop the project due to scheduling issues with movie protagonist Tom Holland. Of course, Holland is busy with Spider-Man and Marvel. Can we really blame him? Knight isn’t the first director to drop from the project. Other dropped directors included David O. Russell, Shawn Levy, and Dan Tractenberg. Sony has recently let us know that they are eyeing Venom director Ruben Fleischer to take over.

Uncharted has been rumored for the last ten years and has had multiple release dates. Why? Sony has said over and over that this is a priority of theirs, but everything else is saying otherwise. As much as I love Tom Holland and feel he would make a terrific young Nathan Drake, if his schedule is preventing this movie from getting done is it too much to ask for someone else? We’ve had several people come forward saying they would be interested including Nathan Fillion, who even went as far as creating his own little movie titled Uncharted: Live Action Fan Film.

My hope for 2020 is that Sony will get serious with Uncharted and we finally get a movie. Nothing is worse than feeling constantly disappointed every time we get bad news. Let us know who you think should direct the film if it ever gets going!

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Julia Roth
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