If you are new to the casinos, you may not believe the things that can happen in brick and mortar houses. You will behold a hotbed of glamorous and glitzy guests, but you have to know that all that glitters are not gold. In every environment where TrueBlue casino no deposit bonus codes are provided, there is always the tendency for scammers, con artists, and thieves to try to waylay the players and the casino.

Now, it is a well-known fact that there is always an increase in the crime rate in casino neighborhoods. In gambling venues, crimes like vandalism, robbery, assault, and other disorderly conduct are mostly witnessed. The most prevalent of all these crimes is robbery. That is because robbers prefer to target lonely visitors and big winners in the casinos.

How Crooks Operate in the Casinos

The reason why these crooks target the casino is that it is a venue where millions of money exchange hands daily. While most of the money goes to the house in the form of people’s losses, many players also come out winners of large amounts of money. So, in land-based casinos, you will witness a concentration of people carrying large amounts of money. This scenario creates the perfect opportunity for robbers. They may follow the winners to the car park and rob them at gunpoint. Some may even trail your car till you get home and rob you in your garage.

It is also good to note that they don’t only target the players or winners. The brick-and-mortar casino houses can also be the target of such crimes. In such cases, they may become targets of high-profile robberies. Men that are armed to the teeth may storm the venue and make away with whatever they can lay hands on. Robbery incidents can also happen at the tables. This may involve clever robbers stealing chips from absent-minded players.

There are records of high-profile casino robberies out there. Most of them involved individual robbers. So, both the casinos and the players must take precautionary measures to avoid falling victim to this. That is why we have laid down 4 precautionary measures to take to avoid becoming victims of unbelievable casino crooks.

Secure Your Bankroll and Winnings

The majority of the people that have been robbed at the casinos gave the crooks hints that they have what they are looking for. Apart from winners whose own are obvious, people’s dressing says a lot about them. The crooks are good at stealing, but they always look for easy targets. Nothing gives you away like making your money holders visible to them.

  • Keep your wallet close to you. To deter them from trying to rob you, you have to put your wallet in your front pocket if you have one. It is more difficult to rob you when you have this in your front pocket. Also, place it in a hot dog style. Let it be longer horizontally than vertically.
  • Be aware of your purse. Let it not be behind you or far away from you. You need to have it on you to avoid luring them to it and giving them a chance to steal it from you.
  • Avoid flaunting your winnings. We can agree that most of these crooks may have informants inside the casino that inform them about the results of games and the identity of winners. However, in some cases that is not the case. They detect winners from their reactions to their winnings. So, you have to avoid flaunting your winnings.
  • Don’t handle cash if you can. It is more advisable for you to get a cashier’s check of your winning. If it’s possible, avoid collecting your winning amount cash and demand for a cashier’s check at the cashier’s cage. If the casino agrees to write you a check, then you would have reduced the risk to the barest minimum. It is also good to designate the check as ‘deposit only’. So, even if they steal it from you, the bank cannot pay cash. It can only be deposited into the stated account.

Don’t Lure Them with Your Lifestyle

Apart from the money for wagering, and what you win at the casinos, your belongings may also be the target of these crooks. So, you need to avoid giving them the impression that you are affluent and wealthy. Though we all like to look fresh when we step out to enjoy casino games, we have to avoid attracting unwanted attention with our clothes and jewelry. The best advice is to step into the casinos with moderate dressing. You don’t need to storm the place with every ice of expensive jewelry in your collection. You will attract the thieves to you if you do. You should also avoid coming with very costly gadgets or electronic devices that will present you as the center of attraction or attention. The best thing is for you to go to the casino with things you can afford to lose, especially if you do not have a special security arrangement.

Avoid Alcohol

One thing that helps the thieves inside and outside the casinos is alcohol. Once you are intoxicated, you make the entire work of robbing you easier for the crooks. So, no matter how much you can drink on a normal day and your level of tolerance; do not drink inside the casino or even before you go to one. This is also good for your gaming, as it makes you play with a clear mind. Alcohol makes you dull and slower and reduces your reaction time. However, if for any reason, you must drink, endeavor to go with friends that can take care of you when you are tipsy. That means they must not be tipsy too. However, the best thing is to avoid drinking at all.

Be Security Conscious Even Outside the Casino

The threat of crooks is not only inside the brick and mortar house. It also exists outside of the casino. If a crook wants to waylay you, they won’t stop if they do not succeed inside the casino. Because of this, you need to extend your watchfulness and security consciousness outside the brick and mortar house. The risk may even be bigger when you leave the premises because there is some level of security inside the casino premises. So, you need to be very careful and observant. Check if anybody is trailing you while you are going to your car, or while driving or trekking home. If you notice any unusual movement, you need to take action immediately. If you win a huge amount, you may have to hire security personnel to escort you to safety from the casino.


This is not meant to deter you from going to the casino. However, the major purpose is to help you understand the imminent threat, and work towards avoiding being a victim. The fact is that the establishment will always attract thieves. You should try not to be the victim. Follow the precautionary measures we have listed above, and you will not regret it. Take care of your purses and wallets. Do not over celebrate or flaunt winnings and your valuables. Don’t indulge in alcohol, be security conscious even outside the house, and get a security guard if it’s necessary.






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