We all know I love a good board game and love to correct people regarding nerd facts. Which is why I am exceedingly thrilled that CollegeHumor and Wiggles 3D has joined forces to bring us an Um, Actually board game! That’s right! The best game show on the internet will be available to play at home! It officially hit Kickstarter today with tons of fun pledge tiers and promises of future fun where you can help create cards for the community deck and participate in fun contests.

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So how does the Um, Actually game work? Just like the game show! Players will build their game deck from cards of different categories, including fantasy, cartoons, comics and more. Each player will get to play host (sorry, Mike Trapp does not come with the game) and read the incorrect statement. The others need to buzz in and correct the statement. They just need to remember that key phrase, um, actually.

The Um, Actually board game.

But that isn’t all! Um, Actually will also feature the shiny and real-life skills questions that have stumped so many contestants in the past. So get ready to draw a magical creature or correctly spell fettuccine and zucchini. Who knows what kind of questions you will get. The Kickstarter features a standard edition with the base game. The community edition with all of the community cards created during the Kickstarter event. A deluxe edition with more categories, cards and fun stuff. And don’t forget you can add the Dimension 20 deck for more fun.

And if you really want to help support CollegeHumor and Wiggles 3D, the final tier includes a prop from the show, two deluxe editions of the game signed by Trapp himself and a year subscription to Dropout TV. Seriously every tier looks great! I can’t wait for this to get backed so I can crush my friends and family with my knowledge of nerdy things. For more information and to support them be sure to check out their Kickstarter, which will run until June 16, 2021!

Check out the Um, Actually announcement video below! Are you excited to take on your friends and family in nerd trivia? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!


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