Want your gamer or nerd to be on top of the coolest things this season? Then you are in the right place. This is a perfect gift selection for your genre and game lovers especially if they are not tied down by a single fandom.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse

A bad mouse is the worst nightmare for gamers. The Logitech wireless gaming mouse works just like a regular mouse but has six customizable buttons and software to control the lights.

1. Player 1 & Player 2 Geeky G Lottery Metallic Coffee Mug Set

After getting this lovely mug set for your gamer, you might just decide to challenge your gamer love to a few HALO games. The winner becomes player 1 and gets the cutest mug with and a nice cup of joe.

2. Robots Necklace

You want your special someone to know how close you are even when away get them this awesome robot necklace. Whenever they see it, they’ll think of you.

3. Superfight

The game is super fun, super nerdy and super simple. You get to play a fighter card paired with two superpowers. There are several different ways to play the game. If you don’t mind sitting around and having nerdy arguments about which super-powered individual would win a fight, then this game is for you.

4. Literary Scarf or Top

There’s passion for written words somewhere in every gamer and nerd’s heart. Get them a literary scarf or top covered with beautifully written lines from an adventure book. Or, you can get one with lovely passages from books like Alice in the Wonderland, Jane Eyre and even one from Batman v Superman.


5. Disney Watch

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Watch is beautifully designed with every person’s character on it. Any Disney fan would love the memories of the movie that comes checking the time with this Beauty and the Beast watch.

6. Projector

A projector will make an awesome gift for your gamer. It is an optical device that brings the game to a larger screen making it much more fun. There are several of them on the market ranging from the HD to the DLP. Some of them are even portable!

7. Star Wars Chopping Board

For cooking lovers, this is a perfect gift item. Whether you’re fueled by the Force or the Dark Side, you can prepare your favorite meal using the iconic death star. This chopping board is carefully made from toughened glass and carefully designed so that it can serve as a little piece of kitchen décor when not in use.

8. Planet Glasses

Having a hard time choosing the perfect gift for that astronomy nerd on your list? How about planet glasses from science fiction worlds. This set of glasses comes with a design that makes them look like planetary bodies from Star Trek. It is not at all a bad idea to get the feeling of drinking from a cup shaped like the Earth or Romulus, after all.

Sherlock Coloring Book

Coloring books help develop a creative mind. They are therapeutic and boost the dreamer in you. This coloring book from Sherlock is just a blast. It has fifty pages of images including scenes from the series allowing you to create your own mysteries with your own Mind Palace.

Fallout 4-PC

This is currently one of the hottest games. If you haven’t grabbed this one yet, then what have you been doing with your life. You would want to consider getting the PC version collector’s edition.

9. Game of Thrones Lights

This is a beautiful piece that is just perfect for indoor and outdoor décor and also to spice up your Christmas tree. The Game of Thrones String Lights have all five of the major houses in the world of Westeros.

You’re sure to create awesome nerdy holiday memories for the special gamers and geeks in your life with any of the above gifts.

Betty Bugle