So, listen, we know there’s not a lot to see here in terms of action or story — they’re just two people standing with each other on a street corner laughing. However, it’s who those two people are and the fact that they are on set for the upcoming Marvel series for Netflix, The Defenders. Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter).

Murdock is not dressed as Daredevil and neither one of them are running headlong into battle. In fact, it looks as if these aren’t even on camera but are just Cox and Ritter chilling on set before the next shot. What we have here, though is our first look at two of the four main characters in The Defenders with each other. And though we can gleam no new information from what we are seeing here, no new story beats or details on the big bad, these are still some fun pictures to look at just because of what they mean and what they ultimately promise.

They were posted on a Charlie Cox fan twitter. You can see more of them there.



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