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First of all, we’ve got Carrie Anne Moss, who’s character we’ve known nothing about except that she’s a source for Jessica Jones and a friend. However, we’ve now learned that she’s playing Danny Rand’s right hand man, Jeryn Hogarth. In the comics, Jeryn started off working as Danny Rand’s father, Wendell Rand’s, right hand man. However, after Wendell was killed, Jeryn kept an eye on Danny and, once the prodigal son returned to the states, Jeryn sent Colleen Wing and Misty Knight to confirm that he was, indeed, Danny Rand. Once Jeryn discovered that Danny Rand was also the vigilante Iron Fist, he decided to work with him, and the Heroes for Hire, as their legal representative and business associate.


You can see where all of the connective tissue for future seasons of The Defenders series might be coming into play just through her character.

Also, Jeryn is a male in the comics, but there’s no reason the character has to be and Carrie Anne Moss is perfect for the role.

Also over the weekend, talking with IGN, Wil Traval gave us more to go on with his character. All we’d known was that he was a very strict, hardass of a cop who “takes protect and serve very seriously.” However, as Traval mentioned to IGN,

“People may recognize him from the comics. His last name is ‘Simpson. He comes from that period of the ’70’s where they had post-Vietnam War, those psycho super-soldiers. That’s his origin point, but we reinvented him for the television series.” 

Simpson. Psycho Super-Soldier. ’70’s post-Vietnam… and a hard ass cop who takes protecting and serving very seriously.

It sounds exactly like Nuke, a Vietnam vet so married to his country that he tattooed the American flag on his face. His name is Frank Simpson, he was the recipient of super-soldier enhancements and experimentation and he’s fought Captain America and Daredevil and has served time with The Thunderbolts.

In a lot of ways, he’s exactly like The Punisher, but even more unhinged and willing to go to darker places, motivated more by a radical patriotism instead of a righteous sense of justice.



Jeryn Hogarth:
Nuke: IGN

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