DISCLAIMER: This recap of Twisted Metal Season 1 Episode 6, “DRVTHRU,” contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

This episode opens at a large orange orchard called The O.C. Farmlands where Loud (Richard Cabral) takes a break from picking oranges to read a spooky book, Stay Out of the Deep End. Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz) excitedly runs up to him and explains she got them both a four-year employment contract. After four years of work, they get two acres of pristine O.C. beachfront property. Quiet would be doing domestic work and Loud would be in food service. It takes some convincing because Loud is hesitant but he soon agrees. 

Quiet wakes up in a fast food restaurant named Astral Burger. John Doe (Anthony Mackie) says they are safe despite the body sitting on the floor. It is completely covered in aluminum foil and has a smiley face made of french fries.  A note is hanging from the dagger that sticks out of his chest that says his name is Zachary and he is an astral naut who had ascended to his home on the two-ringed planet. An escape pod is coming for his mortal flesh and do not move his body. John says he will take out the leftovers as he drags Zach out the door. 

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Suddenly, Quiet gets angry at John for not letting her kill Agent Stone (Thomas Haden Church) but John insists she was too injured. They argue back and forth a little then she pulls him in hard for a kiss and they start making out aggressively.  Tipsy by J-Kwon starts playing as Quiet and John make their way into a giant ball pit where I’ll just say they had a really good time. 

Quiet sits at a table, touching a napkin holder and stares ahead.

TWISTED METAL — “DRVTHRU” Episode 6 (Photo by: Skip Bolen/Peacock)

Next, we flashback to a rundown Quiet in a dingy uniform walking into an Astral Burger with a woman who seems like she is better off. The well-dressed woman greets another similarly dressed woman and compliments her earrings. They are dangling gold butterflies with human fingers mixed in. The woman Quiet is with says she treated herself to a new necklace because the idiot didn’t finish her chores and it cuts to Quiet. Her necklace is a rhinestone embellished finger; Quiet’s finger. The woman hands Quiet money and tells her to place her order. 

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Loud is working at the order counter but they cannot speak to each other so they exchange sympathetic glances. He notices her missing finger and touches her hand gently as he gives her the food tray. As Quiet heads back with the tray we see at every table someone wearing nicer bright clothes stuffing their faces accompanied by a person in the same dingy uniform. Each one stares straight ahead with a thousand-yard stare and each one is missing an ear, fingers, toes, or even their nose.  

The manager of the restaurant, who is wearing a chain with several ears strung onto it, explains that there is yet another active shooter nearby. No one seems really bothered especially after being offered free fries. Quiet makes eye contact with Loud as he quickly runs to lock the door and turn off the lights. 

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Quiet now wakes up in the ball pit next to a sleeping John Doe and says, ‘This complicates things.’ She hilariously tries to get out of the ball pit without waking John. As she tries to sneak out the door, a bell above the door wakes him. He asks if she is going back to Stone and she says bye and runs out the door. Then John hilariously tries to get out of the ball pit.

John Doe stands in front of a building with a smirk on his face.

TWISTED METAL — “DRVTHRU” Episode 6 (Photo by: Skip Bolen/Peacock)

As he follows her to the car vibrant colored lightning starts striking all around them. John says it is a Watkyns storm and they need to get inside immediately. They run inside and John says only an idiot would go out in this and Quiet points out that Ev3l1n is still outside. John runs out to Ev3l1n and parks her under some cover. As he runs past Zachary’s tin foil-covered body, it is struck by lightning and John gets zapped on the back but he makes it inside. 

We go back to Quiet in the restaurant with her brother who nods for her to meet her in the back. She signals that she needs to use the restroom and greets her brother with a hug in the back. Loud tries to get Quiet to talk but she will not speak. He wraps his jacket around his sister and makes her laugh just as the manager walks in. He confronts them and tries to grab Quiet but Loud yells not to touch her. The manager slaps Loud and in retaliation, he spits in his face. The manager puts a knife to Loud’s throat just as gunshots ring out in the restaurant.

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A woman wearing the same uniform as Quiet is ranting outside with a gun saying that the contract is a lie and she was never given any land or freedom. The manager says everything is okay and Reaper should hopefully be there any moment. She takes a gunshot to the face and two men dressed in suits pull up in a pink hearse and load up her body. 

Back to John and Quiet waiting out the storm where John stubbornly nurses his back wound himself. John explains that a nuclear plant in Watkyn’s Harbor exploded when the power went out. This poisoned the atmosphere and caused the Watkyn’s storms. He says they will just have to wait it out.

John and Quiet stand next to each other looking content.

TWISTED METAL — “DRVTHRU” Episode 6 (Photo by: Skip Bolen/Peacock)

They spend the night asking each other random questions and getting to know each other better. They talk about everything from the ocean to aliens. The night ends up with them back in the ball pit (doing you know what) with the help of the Granny Sutra. Eventually, John asks Quiet to go with him to finish the delivery and live with him in New San Franciso. Quiet is hesitant because she lived on the inside and it was horrible. They end up in an argument because she doesn’t want to go with him and she says she is leaving in the morning.

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Flashback again to the Astral Burger manager cutting off Loud’s ear while the Reaper stands waiting by the hearse. However, after he slides Loud’s ear onto his chain, he sees the Reaper men lying in a pool of their own blood. Quiet appears out of nowhere behind him and slits his throat with a hatchet. Quiet tells her brother that she’s not leaving without him and that she wants a better life for them but this wasn’t it. Let’s go find a new life she says as they quickly get into the pink hearse and drive away.

Quiet decides she can’t sleep because she is hungry and heads to the back. As she walks to the freezer, she notices open bottles of cyanide next to juice containers. On the fridge door is a cardboard sign that says ‘The Mothership.’ The fridge is filled with frozen dead people covered in foil and holding empty cups. John can hear Quiet struggling to light the stove in the kitchen and offers to change the gas tank. Quiet stubbornly insists on doing it herself but struggles with an injured arm. John tells her to just let it go and Quiet says she can’t and starts sobbing. They hold one another as she sobs and lets everything out. After they share a nice meal together, John and Quiet end the night snuggled in the ball pit again. 

Quiet and John stand behind Ev3l1n whose trunk is filled with supplies.

(Photo by: Skip Bolen/Peacock)

John wakes up and doesn’t see Quiet anywhere so he heads outside. He sees her loading supplies into Ev3l1n’s trunk. They joke a little about being partners and take off for New Chicago. Quiet sticks her hand out of the window while they are driving and she silently cries. She then sees John in the side mirror and seems relieved, maybe even happy. They drive past a Welcome to Chicago sign that has  ‘Calypso is real’ spray painted in black.

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