Television was forever changed with the premiere of Twin Peaks in 1990. It quickly became one the most influential shows in television history with, according to a 2017 article from The Atlantic, “…the perennially white-hot maw of the popular imagination, into which—luscious and secretive as a fog bank—rolled Twin Peaks, with its unprecedented stew of occultism, irony, horror, deadpan, soap opera, canned narrative, dream logic, burningly beautiful young people, and postmodern diddling-about. The show’s pilot had the feel of an initiation, as if some species of hermetic lore was now being diffused outward, gamma-saturating the frontal lobes of the public.”

It follows the story of an FBI agent that is sent to a small town after the murder of the local prom queen. Seems pretty straight forward but fans of the show know things are not what they seem, things get real weird real fast. It’s an amazing show. That being said, Twin Peaks is just a show. It, and the supernatural elements within it, are all just television make believe. However the 1908 murder of Hazel Irene Drew is very real. Hazel’s death became the inspiration for Twin Peaks’ victim, Laura Palmer. 

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Hazel was only 20 years old when her body was found floating in a pond in Sand Lake, New York in July, 1908. Her case of death was blunt force trauma to the back of the head. Though she was found in a pond there was no water in her lungs, which suggests the body was dumped. Sound familiar? Hazel’s murder remains unsolved and now it’s time for her story to be told. According to an article from The Wire, Hazel Irene Drew’s story is getting a television docuseries. Entitled Blonde, Beautiful and Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks, the upcoming series from Part2 Pictures intends to take a closer look at Drew’s life and the theories that surround her death. 

Creators David Bushman and Mark Givens are currently developing a Metabook scheduled for release in 2019.  The Metabook will then be getting a TV adaptation. That means the project is in its infancy and no cast has been announced. But seeing as Bushman and Givens (host of the Twin Peaks podcast Deer Meadow Radio)  are dedicated Twin Peaks fans and spent over a year researching Drew’s case, this could make for an exciting event.“We are beyond excited by this new partnership with Part2 Pictures that will allow us to bring the intriguing tale of Hazel Drew’s brief life and tragic death to a whole new audience,” said Bushman and Givens in a joint statement for The Wire. 



Fallon Marie Gannon