If there is one thing that DONTNOD will be remembered for, it is bringing us incredibly well thought out narrative stories. So it is pretty much a given that we are expecting the same from their upcoming Twin Mirror. The psychological thriller takes players on a mission to observe and uncover the mysteries lingering in Basswood, WV. Unlike DONTNOD’s other titles that released in episodes, this one will release all at once. This gives players one smooth, uninterrupted playthrough from beginning to end.

Players will guide Sam Higgs as he returns to his hometown of Basswood, WV, for his friend’s funeral. But things aren’t adding up, which sends Sam on a new mission, uncovering the events behind his friend’s death and more. The Twin Mirror trailer shows off Sam’s Mind Palace. This is a place where players will be able to see multiple parts of Sam’s personality. This is also the place where players will be able to study different events and clues.

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In the trailer, these scenarios show how Sam creates different scenarios out of glass. As they play through, players can decide how it plays out. The most notable example from the trailer is the car crash. The player can decide if a tree or wolf caused the truck to run off course. It will be interesting to see just how many types of scenarios they are able to create using Sam’s Mind Palace. The Twin Mirror trailer also gave us another look at the overall story and how good (or bad) Sam’s relationships are with the people around him. It will be a mystery we will unravel when we get a chance to play.

The final bit of news to come out today from DONTNOD is that Twin Mirror is set to release on December 1, 2020 on PC through the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4Β and Xbox One. Pre-orders are open for PC, and those who do so will get the official soundtrack as well.



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