“Smart is the new cool.” That’s the motto for the girls on the Netflix show, Project MC2. High schoolers by day and secret agents by night, they use math and science to save the day.

Led by former child star turned mathematician Danica McKellar as The Quail. Each girl has a specialty. From culinary chemistry to environmental science, the show does a good job giving equal importance to each one.

The science is easy to understand and some of the experiments, like how to make lipstick from a melted crayon, came be easily recreated. The show also features other underlying themes common in tween shows, loyalty, friendship, honesty and pinky swearing not to turn evil.

Season 1 begins a bit shaky as the girls build their acting skills and the production company realizes the show has an audience, but both get better as the show progresses.
Not only will the show appeal to young girls already interested in science, it will give nurture new passions. Project MC2 has a line of dolls and science experiments cleverly disguised as playsets.