Greetings, fellow jazz lovers! Preacher hit all the right notes with last night’s foray into The Big Easy. Jesse learned that “looking for God” doesn’t always mean what he thinks it means in New Orleans. He met jazz club singer Lara Featherstone, who informed him that a group of men clad in white are seeking world domination now that God is MIA. After Jesse used Genesis to save Lara from getting kidnapped by these men, the latter decided to move out of NOLA. Or so we thought. Toward the end of the episode, we saw Lara climbing into the same truck that tried to kidnap her. She confirmed that Jesse does possess Genesis, and to “kick him up to Samson.” It’s all very biblical doom and gloom. While Jesse never found The Almighty, he did discover that multiple people were searching as well.

Meanwhile, Tulip had an adventure of her own. She was wholeheartedly against the new direction the trip was taking. Tulip had an angry boss named Viktor waiting for her in NOLA. She decided to withhold that info from Jesse and simply opted out of the jazz club search. Cassidy tagged along, vowing to lend our girl a helping hand. I adore the budding friendship between these two. While Cassidy can be a little off-the-cuff, he has a rational side that balances out Tulip’s erratic side. Anyway, they crash with a friend of Cassidy’s, a man named Dennis who solely speaks French. Tulip goes out for a stroll to the local laundromat, as you do late at night, and is ultimately cornered by Viktor’s men. Uh oh. 

Then, we finally saw Eugene! Unfortunately, he’s not doing so hot, despite his location. He’s reliving the memory of Tracy getting shot and his own botched suicide attempt over and over again. Later, Eugene decides to explore his little cell block corner of Hell, and meets a very familiar, infamous face. Yes, the Fuhrer himself. 

We were also introduced to a brand spankin’ new villain: Herr Starr, who looks absolutely terrifying. 

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Now, I have a special treat for you: the promo for next week’s Preacher! I know you told me not to get you anything, but I couldn’t resist. In the promo, we see Tulip (Ruth Negga) tearfully apologize to her boss, but unfortunately he tells her it’s not enough. Meanwhile, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) thinks he spots God on TV, which could pose as a clue to his whereabouts. Then Jesse (Dominic Cooper), discovering that Tulip is missing, grills Cassidy regarding her location, even though the vampire claims he wasn’t supposed to tell our preacher. Later, we see Eugene (Ian Colletti) and Hitler (Noah Taylor), finally interacting in Hell. Those scenes should be very interesting. 

Alright, folks, enjoy the tasty little promo below! Mull over it till your heart’s content, then join me next week for another chapter of Preacher. We’ll surely have a bloody good time (if Cassidy is heavily involved). 

Preacher airs Mondays at 9pm on your AMC affiliate. 

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