If you asked me what my favorite little chime was right now, it would be the one right as the Netflix logo appears on the screen. It just brings the happy vibes and gets me ready for an epic binge-watching of my favorite shows. And secretly, Netflix has been in my head since they decided to name their first-ever Global Fan Event TUDUM! And who cares how you decide to pronounce it because this is going to be epic!

They announced the event on Twitter earlier today and included the most adorable video of our favorite actors/actresses trying to pronounce the title. And of course, Henry Cavill pops in to drop the details, including appearances from cast members of our favorite shows and exclusive first looks! Is this where John Cho is finally going to give us the trailer for Cowboy Bebop? Because either way, I am in!

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We also see the cast from Stranger Things which means it’s likely we are going to learn something about the fourth season. Maybe another trailer? Maybe a peek at the first episode! And, of course, Cavill’s appearance means we might get more news for The Witcher! You can never have too much news for that franchise. And don’t for one second think I missed my little Bridgerton babies at the beginning of the video. Season two should be right around the corner and I can not wait to get transported back to Victorian England!

On TUDUM’s official website, they shared a bit more information, including the when and where. This will be a three-hour event kicking off on September 25th at 9 am PST. The preshow will highlight Korean and Indian series and films, as well as Anime content starting at 5 am PST. The free virtual event will also cover 70 series, films and specials with exciting news, trailers, celebrity appearances and so much more. The site lists all of the titles, including the ones I highlighted above!

Just 30 more days until we get to enjoy the best three hours of our lives! What series/films/specials are you most excited to see during TUDUM? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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