The truth is out there, folks! And the gang in Amazon Prime’s Truth Seekers is on the ghostly case! The Simon PeggNick Frost vehicle aired its official trailer on Wednesday along with a premiere date.

Truth Seekers is described as a “supernatural comedy series,” which isn’t a far cry from other Pegg-Frost properties. It focuses on a group of part-time paranormal investigators that team up to pull back the curtain on a deadly conspiracy. If you like ghosts and conspiracies, you’ll surely dig this series. 

Now, the trailer is laden with ghostly scares aplenty and typical Pegg-Frost witty one-liners peppered throughout. Seeing Malcolm McDowell and Susan Wokoma make appearances was a treat for me. McDowell appears to play a curmudgeonly father to Frost, and I’ve no doubt their scenes together will be equal parts humorous and heartfelt. 

Additionally, I appreciate that the trailer reveals the nature in which the show’s twists and turns will evolve without uncovering every ace up Truth Seekers‘ sleeve. Which means we have loads of comedic hijinks and ghostly shenanigans to look forward to! 

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Below, you can take a gander at the trailer for yourselves. Truth Seekers stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Malcolm McDowell, Susan Wokoma, Samson Kayo, and Emma D’arcy. The show will be available to stream on Friday, October 30th, only on Amazon Prime. 

What do you think of the Truth Seekers official trailer? Sound off in the comments below!



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