If there’s one thing we learn from Trickster, it’s that you can’t escape your destiny. In the series finale, Maggie (Crystle Lightning) goes on the run with Jared (Joel Oulette). Wade (Kalani Queypo) is using all his power to find them. 


Jared found out that his birth father, Wade is a trickster and his mother, Maggie is a witch. So is his grandmother, Sophia (Georgina Lightning). Three strange beings Georgina (Gail Maurice), Edna (Kirsten Johnson), and Albert (Darren Hynes) need Wade and Jared to get home. But that’s not what Wade told Jared.

Wade told Jared about a right of passage that keeps things in harmony. Tricksters have to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of tricksters, their sons. To do that, the son must kill the father. He also told Maggie that Georgina and her kind need Jared’s blood to open the door to their realm. Maggie refuses to let anyone hurt Jared, including Wade.

Georgina has a different story. They do need trickster blood to open the North Door to their hope, but it doesn’t have to be Jared’s blood. Jared will have to kill Wade to take his place. As long as one is alive, the other can’t live. But Wade is over 500 years old. He’s been killing his sons to stay alive and wants to do the same to Jared.

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Maggie’s solution to deal with Wade is to run away. Jared doesn’t like it, but Maggie’s in charge. She accidentally shot Jared in the last episode and feels that she is the only person who can protect him. Jared has other things on his mind, like Sarah. He finds out that she didn’t leave town on the ferry. Before he can find out why Maggie interrupts. She stops at a diner and tells Jared that she will get her act together. They will come up with a plan to deal with Wade and then they will go home. The next phase of her plan is to run out on the check.

Maggie sends Jared to get the truck and he spots Wade walking toward him. Wade gets kind of close before Wade flies away. He saw Sophia, Georgina, Albert and Edna coming for him. Maggie joins them and is ready to take off again. She doesn’t want anyone near Jared. And she’s mad that Sophia is working with Georgina. Sophia says they all want the same thing and pleads with Maggie to sit down and talk to them. Meanwhile, Wade goes to Maggie’s house to recuperate. He takes a handful of pills and starts to feel better. Until he throws them up. 

Sophia and Maggie have different opinions on how to deal with Wade on Trickster

Trickster — “Episode 6” — Image Number: TRK106_0006.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Crystle Lightning as Maggie and Georgina Lightning as Sophia — Photo: Lindsay Sarazin/Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2021 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Maggie and Jared go to Georgina’s trailer to talk about Wade. Maggie does most of the talking, accusing Georgina of trying to hurt Jared. She thinks only she can protect Jared. Georgina realizes that Jared doesn’t know the whole truth about Wade. Sophia tells Maggie that they all want Wade to go away. Jared agrees to help do that, despite Maggie’s protest.

Georgina shows Jared how to make a cedar bundle and tells him about the ceremony. She says they all have a purpose. Tricksters give her people the passage to come from their world. Witches give the skins for them to wear. And they give back wisdom in return. Jared asks if Wade messed all that up. Georgina says Wade didn’t start the fire, but he did get caught up in it.

Sophia tells Maggie to stop sulking and support Jared. She tells Sophia that she needs her support more. She doesn’t like Jared’s odds against a 500-year-old trickster. Maybe she was too soft on Jared, but Sophia thinks he’s ready. Maggie loads her crossbow and puts it in the truck. 

Back at Maggie’s house, Wade goes through Jared’s room. He finds a hoodie and puts it on. He sees several pictures of Jared and Maggie and takes one.


Jared prepares to have dinner with Georgina and the group when Maggie whispers to him to make a run for it. He refuses and Maggie gets aggressive with him, telling him to fight her. Jared won’t fight her and Maggie says he’s not ready. She says the others want him to fight because they know the only way to survive is to look out for number one. Maggie runs into the woods, upset and Jared tries to run after her, but Sophia stops him. Jared grabs his phone from the truck and the crossbow is gone. 

Maggie talks to the voices in her head as she walks into the woods. They are telling her what to do about Wade. She stops to listen and hears Jared calling out to her. She goes back to find him and runs into Wade. Wade has her crossbow and asks her to go with him. 

Sophia tells Jared not to worry, but he wonders if Maggie is right. Maybe he’s not ready to face Wade. They are interrupted by a call from Wade. He tells Jared that he has Maggie and lets him talk to her. Maggie tells him to stay away, but Wade tells Jared to come home. 


Georgina and Edna prepare to face Wade and ask Sophia to go with them. Jared wants to go, but Sophia says it’s not safe for him to face Wade yet. Georgina wants to make more preparations and tells Albert to keep an eye on Jared. After they leave, Jared tells Albert that he’s not staying. 

Wade and Maggie talk while they wait. She asks him why life is worth living if there’s no one to share it with. Wade doesn’t answer. instead, he says he knew she was a witch when they met and tried to stay away. They would have avoided a lot of pain if he had stayed away. Wade says he wouldn’t hurt Jared if he didn’t have to. Maggie reminds him that Jared is his son. Wade gets upset and says the point of living is not to share it with others but to survive. He makes her stand up and they move. 

Jared and Albert go to Crashpad’s (Nathan Alexis) place. Crashpad almost shuts the door in their faces, but Jared says Albert is cool. He says they are hiding and have no place to go. 

Georgina gives Sophia a spell that will trap Wade long enough for Jared to kill him. Sophia hears voices talking to her and repeats their words. She smiles as she speaks in her native language. While she cites the spell, Edna spreads sand around the house. 

Sarah gives Jared some bad news on Trickster

Trickster — “Episode 6” — Pictured: Anna Lambe as Sarah — Photo: Lindsay Sarazin/Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2021 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Albert is intrigued by Crashpad’s video game. Sarah (Anna Lambe) shows up and looks in through the window. Crashpad gives the game controller to Albert to distract him, while Jared leaves to talk to Sarah. 

Georgina immediately feels something is wrong when she enters Maggie’s house. Sophia and Edna walk in and hear something banging in the back room. They find Maggie locked inside of an old freezer. She jumps out and immediately asks for Jared.

Sarah and Jared go for a walk. She tells him that she’s saying goodbye. Child services caught up with her and they are moving her to another foster home. Jared tells her to follow him. As Jared walks ahead, Sarah’s eyes turn black, indicating that it’s actually Wade. 


Jared leads Sarah to the shack and turns to attack Wade. He knew it was him the entire time. Wade continues to affirm that this is the only way. He doesn’t want to do this, but he has to. Jared doesn’t want to die but he doesn’t want to kill Wade either. Maybe they can go their separate ways. Wade tells Jared that he’s dying and coughs up black stuff. 

Maggie runs to Sarah’s room and asks for Jared. Sarah hasn’t seen Jared. Maggie mumbles thoughts about Jared, but Sarah doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say. Maggie finally asks where Jared would take Sarah to be alone. 

Jared pleads with Wade to let him live. He just found him and now one of them has to die. Wade has tears in his eyes saying he doesn’t want to kill Jared but he has to. He puts Jared in a headlock, choking him. Jared falls to the ground and sees something under a table. He breaks free of Wade and grabs a nail gun. He nails Wade’s feet to the floor. 


Meanwhile, Sophia, Georgina, and Edna search for Jared in the woods. They notice the wind pick up. Georgina says the North Door is opening, but they are too far from it to go through it.

Jared stands up and faces Wade. He says he’s not like Wade. Wade starts crying, saying things would be different if he didn’t live all these years. He watched the settlers come to this land, kill their people and destroy their traditions and customs. More would be lost if he doesn’t live.  Jared asks if there’s another way.

Maggie walks in and says this is the only way. She urges Jared to finish it and kill Wade. Jared really doesn’t want to kill him. Maggie throws gasoline on him and sets Wade on fire. As she watches the trickster burn, Maggie says the world is hard and Jared has to be harder. Jared starts crying and runs out of the shack. 

Georgina shares wisdom with Sophia on Trickster

Trickster — “Episode 6” –Pictured (L-R): Georgina Lightning as Sophia and Gail Maurice as Georgina — Photo: Lindsay Sarazin/Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2021 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Jared stays at Phil’s (Craig Lauzon) as he prepares for the new baby. Maggie shows up, telling Jared to go back to school and call Sarah. Jared wonders how long it will be until Maggie tries to kill him. He is a trickster after all. Maggie says Wade isn’t dead; he’s just contained. And to keep it that way, Jared has to scatter his ashes in the river. It will take him years to re-materialize. Until then, Jared needs to come home. 

Sophia checks on Georgina and her group. Georgina asks her to go with them. Some of her people are in hiding and they are going to regroup with them. One of the beings is in her trailer and looks out at Sophia. Georgina says they need a witch to sew skin for them. 

Jared shows Crashpad the ashes and says he doesn’t know what to do with them. Crashpad tells him to put the ashes in the pepper shakers so people ingest him and he can’t come back. When he puts the shaker down, it moves toward the ashes by itself. Crashpad tells Jared to scatter the ashes ASAP.

Maggie bailed out Richie (Joel Thomas Hynes) and they are still dating. She asks him to move out of her house because Sophia is moving in. Richie is okay with that and offers to make Maggie a drink. She refuses. Sophia shows up and Maggie already knows that she’s not staying. Richie introduces himself and leaves them alone to talk. Sophia says she doesn’t want to leave, but she’s on a spiritual path now. She asks for Jared and Maggie doesn’t want her to see Jared. Sophia says Maggie is on a path too and she hopes she finds it soon. Maggie starts to cry when Sophia leaves. 


Georgina and Edna look at the pipeline. It’s actually a big ditch with a fire burning inside. Georgina wants to find another trickster and complete the ritual. They will make sure the son kills the father this time. Georgina says once they go home, they will close the north door for good, away from this dying world.

Jared goes to a meeting for addicts then goes home. He sees two policemen and a woman lead Sarah out of the house. Jared approaches her to find out what’s going on. Sarah says Child Services is taking her to a residential school. Jared kisses her before she leaves. This time, Sarah can see the fireflies too. 

Jared goes to the river and stands on the bridge. He takes out the jar of ashes and looks at it. Maggie cooked dinner for her family. Sophia left. Richie left. So now she’s just waiting for Jared to come home. Jared is on a bus going out of town. He takes out the ashes and looks at them. 


This show is based on Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson. There are two more books, Trickster Drift and Return of the Trickster. In case you want to find out what Jared does with the ashes. This was a good show. I don’t often see people like me on TV. It was good to finally see a story centered around Indigenous people. 


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