The truth came out last week on Trickster, but there are still so many unanswered questions. In Episode five, Sarah (Anna Lambe) distracts Jared (Joel Oulette) as they talk about leaving town together. Sophia (Georgina Lightning) discovers more truth about Wade (Kalani Queypo) and Maggie (Crystle Lightning) makes a fatal mistake trying to protect Jared.

Last week, Jared was having such a great time with Sarah before transforming into a crow. Wade led Georgina (Gail Maurice), Edna (Kirsten Johnson), and Albert (Darren Hynes) straight to Maggie and Sophia. Georgina revealed that they all basically need each other, but Maggie wants nothing to do with them. After a confrontation, Wade told Jared that in order to bring balance back to the world, Jared must kill Wade. Only a trickster can kill a trickster. 

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Jared can’t do anything but stare at himself in the mirror, wondering how he was able to transform into a crow. Meanwhile, Albert tries to patch up Georgina and Edna, but they are badly hurt. Sophia returns home with Jared and Maggie. Jared is still pretty freaked out that he’s a trickster and Maggie tries to act like everything is okay. Okay until Jared wants to go to school. She doesn’t want to take her eyes off of him and he tells her to back off. Wade shows up, eager to talk to Jared, but Maggie is more worried that Georgina will show up. Sophia takes Jared to school, leaving Maggie and Wade alone.

Sophia apologizes to Jared for leaving them. She says she has a burning inside of her that started when she was at the residential school. Alcohol was the only thing that put out the fire until it stopped working. Jared asks if it was hard for her to give up booze. Sophia says it was hard, but the best. Jared just wants to be normal and Sophia says at least he is still himself. Jared says he’s glad she’s back and gets out to go to school. When Sophia prepares to take off, she sees Albert standing in front of her truck.

Jared sees Crashpad (Nathan Alexis) at his locker and tries to talk to him, but Crashpad won’t even look at him. Jared tries to joke around with his friend and asks if he wants to play video games. Crashpad tries to get away from Jared as quickly as he can. Jared asks if he told anyone, but Crashpad doesn’t have anyone to tell. Jared says he’s still himself, but Crashpad isn’t so sure.


Wade tells Maggie that he has to teach Jared everything he needs to know to survive. Maggie wants to know what Georgina wants with Jared. Wade says she comes from another realm. They need trickster blood to open the door and return home. He says they will come for Jared eventually, that’s why he needs to take his son and teach him. He asks for Maggie’s help, saying they both want what’s best for Jared. Maggie agrees and hits Wade, starting a fight.

Jared walks into class late and his friend Dylan (Griffin Powell-Arcand) thinks he’s high. He teases Jared to the point that Jared starts hyperventilating. The whole class turns to look at Jared as Dylan starts singing a song about getting high. The teacher finally checks on Jared, but he gets up and runs out of class. Sarah follows him, making sure he’s okay. He tells her to go back, but she would rather go where he’s going. He tells her that he wants to leave town and she’s ready to go.

Wade and Maggie continue fighting, but Wade tries to stop it. Maggie is determined to get rid of Wade one way or another. She runs at him and he throws her onto the coffee table, breaking it. Maggie grabs a table leg and hits Wade in the head. She kicks him into the closet, knocking him out, and vows to give Georgina her trickster.

Jared tells Sarah that he has a plan. He’s going to cook up a bunch of drugs, sell them as fast as he can, and leave for Vancouver. Sarah starts asking a bunch of questions about what Jared is going to do once he gets there. Her questions make Jared realize that his idea isn’t that great. Sarah asks why he wants to leave and Jared tells her about how his grandmother hunts. He doesn’t think he could ever kill an animal. Sarah decides to change the mood and tells him to take off his clothes.

Sarah distracts Jared from his trickster problems in Trickster

Trickster — “Episode 5” — Image Number: TRK105_0003.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Anna Lambe as Sarah and Joel Oulette as Jared — Photo: Shane Harvey/Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2021 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Maggie locks Wade inside the storage bin in the back of his truck. She calls Sophia, asking her to call her back. And then Jared, telling him not to leave the school. Jared is actually at the lake with Sarah, laughing and having fun.

Wade calls Maggie from the back of the truck wondering what she’s up to. She admits that she plans to give him to Georgina and asks where she can find them. Wade says he doesn’t know. Maggie stops the truck and takes her gun out. She shoots the storage bin but says she won’t kill Wade. Maggie will just hurt him until he talks. He tells her that Georgina is staying at the trailer park.

Sophia drives Albert home where he shows her Georgina and Edna’s wounds. He can’t talk so he grabs an armful of extra skin and some thread. He wants Sophia to sew up their wounds.

Sarah and Jared sit on a rock talking about how they learned how to swim. Sarah asks Jared what’s really going on. All he can say is that he feels strange, like a freak. Sarah assures him that he’s not a freak.

A cop pulls over Maggie. She knows him and flirts with him. He says they got a 911 call with a vehicle matching the description of the truck she’s driving. Wade makes a noise in the storage bin and Maggie says it’s probably a rat. The cop wants to make sure and asks to see what’s inside. Maggie says she doesn’t have the key, so the cop breaks the lock. A crow flies out, startling the cop. He laughs with Maggie before letting her go.


Jared and Sarah walk back into town. She tells him that her foster parents are probably going to send her away because she spent the night with Jared. Jared gets upset and decides that they should leave for Vancouver immediately. Sarah is happy to leave with him.

Maggie arrives at the trailer park and spots her truck. She grabs her gun and immediately sees Albert. She follows him and finds Sophia patching up Georgina. Sophia yells at Maggie to put the gun down, but Maggie demands to know what her mother is doing.

Sarah buys two ferry tickets and starts taking selfies. She wants to document their adventures together. Jared tries to tell her something, but she’s too excited to listen. He stops just before they get on the ferry and tells Sarah that he’s a trickster. He starts rambling about killing his dad and how scared he is. Sarah gets angry with him. She turns from him and gets on the ferry without saying a word.

Sophia tells Maggie that Georgina and her people are not their enemies. Maggie is certain that they are because Wade told her that Georgina needs a trickster’s blood to get home. Georgina says Wade didn’t tell her the whole story. Only a trickster can kill a trickster. Except, Wade doesn’t want to die.


Jared returns home to find Wade waiting for him in the kitchen. Wade says it’s time. He knows it’s hard, but it has to be done. Jared thinks it’s stupid, but Wade calls it a tradition. Jared doesn’t want to kill his father. He just found him, and he doesn’t even know him. Wade smiles and says there comes a time in a man’s life when he has to accept who he is and do what needs to be done. Jared doesn’t want to, but he has no choice. Wade hugs Jared tightly as the kid cries.

Maggie races home and burst into the house, but Jared and Wade are gone. She grabs a crossbow and runs into the woods behind the house. Wade leads Jared down a trail to a lake, where the ceremony happens. He grabs a branch of cedar and brushes Jared off with it.

Flashback – a boy stands near the lake while a woman brushes him with cedar. A trickster arrives and stands in the lake.

Wade asks Jared if he’s ready. Jared looks scared so Wade says it will be okay.

Flashback – The trickster in the water is Wade. He takes his son’s hand and puts it on his chest. The boy pushes Wade into the water and holds him down.

Jared says he doesn’t want to kill Wade. Wade knows and says it’s unfair. In order for Jared to live, Wade has to die. Or … for Wade to live … Jared has to die. Wade says he won’t die, but Jared will.

Flashback – While submerged underwater, Wade grabs a sharp rock. He stands up in the water and slashes his son’s throat.

In the present, Wade takes a sharp rock and is about to hit Jared when an arrow hits him in the arm. Maggie arrives just in time to stop Wade from killing Jared. Jared tells her to stop and steps in front of the second arrow that Maggie shoots. That arrow hits Jared in the chest. Maggie throws down the crossbow and runs to Jared. At the same time, Wade flies away.

Jared takes a trip to the spirit world after a run in with Wade on Trickster

Trickster — “Episode 5” — Image Number: TRK105_0008.jpg — Pictured: Joel Oulette as Jared — Photo: Lindsay Sarazin/Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2021 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Jared wakes up in another world, walking by a lake with little fires around it. There are others there, but Jared doesn’t see them. He looks around and sees bones on the ground. Someone is calling his name, so he stops and looks around.

Maggie put Jared in the back of her truck with a tarp over him and raced to Phil’s (Craig Lauzon) house. She tells Phil not to freak out before removing the tarp. Phil starts to yell, but Maggie assures him that Jared will be okay. At the same time, Wade makes it to a bathroom to clean up. He pulls the arrowhead out of his chest and stares at his reflection.

Maggie tells Phil everything. Jared is a trickster, Wade tried to kill him, and she stopped him. She gets in the back of the truck and pulls the arrow of Jared’s chest. He wakes up, spitting blood everywhere. He tries to talk, but she tells him to rest. Maggie tells Phil to watch over Jared while she calls her mom. Once she’s in the other room, Maggie breaks down crying.


Well … Wade is a trickster. 



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