The truth is revealed on Trickster. Jared (Joel Oulette) battles Richie (Joel Thomas Hynes) for the house when Maggie (Crystle Lightning) disappears. At the same time, Jared is coming to terms that Wade (Kalani Queypo) is his real father. 

Last week, Maggie tried to get rid of Wade the only way she knows how…magic, causing him to crash his motorcycle. Phil (Craig Lauzon) gave Jared a scooter so he could get his old job back. And Sarah (Anna Lambe) and Jared finally kissed! 

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Late one night, Jared was woken up by the sound of breaking glass. When he looked out his window he saw a naked person rummaging through Sarah’s garbage. That person looked up and towards Jared’s window and growled. That thing is not human.  Jared closed his eyes and when he opened them, the thing was gone.  The next morning, Jared eats breakfast outside while watching Sarah pick up the trash.


Richie is getting quite comfortable at the trailer. He put swords and bows on the walls. Jared thinks it’s obnoxious. Maggie is missing, but Jared doesn’t seem to care. Richie tells him to respect his mother and points a sword at Jared’s head. He can’t hurt Jared though or Maggie will hurt him. 

Jared is still jumpy from seeing the thing the night before. He tells Crashpad (Nathan Alexis) about it, but his friend says the sight was an erotic dream. It signifies Jared’s lust for Sarah. That or Jared was really drunk. Crashpad asks about Jared’s dad … Wade. Jared says Wade bailed on him. 

During PE, Jared sees Sarah sitting by a shed at school, sewing her jacket. He sits next to her and offers to help. Maggie taught him how to sew. He asks Sarah if she saw anything weird the night before, but she didn’t. Sarah has a box of protection headbands with her. She is staging a protest against the oil pipeline. Jared tries to talk to her about the pipeline, but he doesn’t know much about it. Sarah is not impressed. They see Wade walk up and Jared leaves to talk to him.

Wade apologizes to Jared for bailing on him. He says Maggie ran him off the road and he totaled his motorcycle. Jared doesn’t think Maggie would do that and if she did, she would have a good reason. Wade says it’s because Maggie never got over him. Jared asks not to be pulled into their drama.  He says Maggie is on a bender and she will return when she runs out of money. Jared texts his mom just in case.

Sophia knows Maggie is up to no good on Trickster

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After Maggie cast the spell to make the motorcycle crash, she drove to the spot of the crash. She found the bike and Wade’s helmet, but no Wade. She talks to her voices about his whereabouts as she searches for him. 

Maggie continues her trek through the woods and finds her mom, Sophia (Georgina Lightning). They go back to Sophia’s cabin. Maggie starts asking for alcohol, but Sophia is living a clean lifestyle these days. She asks about Jared and Maggie points out that Sophia hasn’t seen her grandson in years. But he’s normal. She also reminds her mother that she was never around for Maggie either. Sophia turns the tables on Maggie, scolding her about Maggie’s own party habits. Maggie leaves to avoid a fight. 

Jared goes to Crashpad’s after school to play video games, but can’t concentrate. This whole thing with his mom and Wade and Richie is bothering him. And Wade creeps him out. At that time, Wade texts Jared and invites him for a drink at Phil’s. Jared declines because he has to work. 

Meanwhile, Edna (Kirsten Johnson) and Albert (Darren Hynes) are playing cards while Georgina (Gail Maurice) eats … something … Edna says they won’t last much longer. Georgina says if the boy is true, they will be fine. 


Jared returns home to find Richie throwing out Jared’s things. He says as long as Maggie is gone, Jared can’t stay there. And he tells Jared to keep Wade away from the trailer. Jared has no place to go, but Richie doesn’t care. 

Jared goes to work and at the end of the day, his boss Tony (Mark Camacho) praises his hard work. He hands Jared two buckets of chicken and tells him to deliver them on his way home. Jared groans when he sees the address on the ticket. Wade ordered the chicken and then ordered Jared to drink with him and Phil when Jared got to the house. Jared obeys and plugs in his scooter before going inside. 

Phil and Wade ask Jared about Sarah and give him conflicting … and bad advice about how to deal with women.  Phil gets too drunk, so Jared puts him to bed. Wade makes a drink for Jared and meets him outside. They talk about Maggie and Phil. Jared hasn’t talked to Maggie about Wade and he doesn’t want to talk to Phil because he doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Wade says he needs a break. Jared’s life is his own and he doesn’t belong to anyone but himself.

Jared starts feeling woozy and falls to the ground. He tries to get up but Wade tells him not to fight it. Jared jumps up and runs to the bathroom, locking the door. He tries to calm down while Wade knocks on the door, demanding to be let in. Jared sees his eyes turn dark. He steps backward and falls into the bathtub. 

Jared gets uneasy about Wade on Trickster

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Jared wakes up in the bathtub the following morning. He looks at his eyes and they are normal. Wade is in the kitchen cooking breakfast when he walks out. Wade talks about his childhood a bit saying his dad wasn’t always around. His dad died when Wade was Jared’s age. He thinks Jared has it worse than he did. Wade got to know his father, but Jared never really knew his. 

Jared decides to leave but finds that someone unplugged his scooter and it’s dead. He gets a text from Richie telling him to get his stuff. Jared retaliates by calling the police to report an arson. 

Maggie spent the night at Sophia’s. She tells her about Wade and how he’s Jared’s biological father. Sophia pretends to act surprised. Maggie says she’s already killed Wade twice and he keeps coming back. Sophia says if he comes back that means he’s not one of them. 


Sarah meets Wade when he goes to Maggie’s trailer to get Jared’s things out of the yard.  He asks what happened there and she assumes Jared doesn’t get along with his mom’s boyfriend. But Wade would know that if he was around. 

Not intending to be rude, Sarah asks Wade why he abandoned Jared. He says it’s a long story. She asks why he came back. Wade wants to make up for lost time, but he’s new to this father thing. He’s unsure of how things are going and thinks he should back off. 

Jared walks to school when Georgina pulls up next to him to offer him a ride. He gladly accepts. When he gets in the car, he recognizes her. She remembers him, saying he was with Wade on a bike ride. Jared is surprised to learn that she knows Wade. They go way back. 

Georgina starts to speed up and Jared gets scared. She asks how he knows Wade and he says Wade is a friend of his dad’s.  But that’s not what Wade told her. Georgina calls Jared by his name, but he didn’t tell her his name. Jared gets scared when he sees something move in Georgina’s face. He tells her to stop the car and she is surprised that he can see the real her. Jared grabs the wheel, running the car off the road and jumps out to run away. 

Sarah leads a pipeline protest on Trickster

Trickster — “Episode 3” — Image Number: TRK103_0003.jpg — Pictured: Anna Lambe as Sarah — Photo: Lindsay Sarazin/Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2021 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Sophia asks why Wade is a threat. Maggie says she knows he is because the voices tell her to kill him. Sophia is concerned because they don’t know where the voices come from. Maggie says the voices have been with her for as long as she can remember. But Sophia wouldn’t know that because she used to party just like Maggie. Sophia admits that she has a lot to make up for. Maggie says she can start by helping her get rid of Wade. In order to do that, they have to find out what he is first. 

Jared makes it to school, but he’s seriously freaked out. He starts mumbling about Wade and Richie, but Crashpad doesn’t understand him. Everyone’s cell phone alarms go off and they all walk out of the classroom. It’s time for Sarah’s protest. Everyone goes outside to chant and hold up signs of protest against the pipeline. 

Sarah invited Wade to join them. He walks around passing out headbands when Jared sees him. Jared isn’t happy and tells Sarah to mind her own business. Sarah gets mad and tells him to grow up. 

Wade informs Jared that he gathered his stuff from Maggie’s place. He asks his son to live with him for a while. Jared can’t handle Wade and leaves the protest with Crashpad.  Wade looks around and sees Georgina arrive at the school. 


Crashpad is talking about the protest when they enter the school. Jared turns to face him and sees Georgina. Crashpad thinks it’s just someone’s auntie but gets scared when she and Jared both disappear. Georgina chases Jared through the halls. He asks what she wants. She says Jared saw her true face so that means he is Wade’s son. 

Georgina approaches Jared in attack mode and a crow flies through the window, attacking Georgina. She throws the bird to the wall and it turns into Wade. Jared freaks out and runs away. Wade runs after him and catches up with him outside. He tries to stop Jared, but Jared is seriously scared and keeps running. 

Jared returns to the trailer and walks in. Richie tries to make him leave, but Jared grabs two beers out of the refrigerator and drinks both as fast as he can. Richie wants to know what happened to the kid. Jared asks Richie if he ever saw something that he knows isn’t supposed to be real. Richie asks him if he’s okay and Jared says no. Richie offers to let Jared stay the night if he needs to. 

Jared deals with his Richie problem on Trickster

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The police arrive and arrest Richie for arson. Richie knows it was Jared who called the cops on him. The whole neighborhood is outside as the cops take Richie away. Sarah approaches Jared to find out what happened, but he says it’s nothing. He goes back inside and texts Maggie again. The lights go out. Jared looks around and finds a cut off notice from the electric company. 

Jared hears something move outside. He goes out the back door and Wade is waiting for him.  Wade admits that he’s a trickster. He’s the bird that’s been messing with Jared. It’s Wade’s way of getting to know Jared better. Jared asks if Maggie is a trickster too. Wade says no, but … she is a witch.

At the same time, Sophia looks through a book from her elders and finds out that Wade is a trickster. She tells Maggie that he’s not a witch like they are. He’s a shape-shifter. Now they have to find out what he wants. 

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This just got really creepy for me. Growing up I heard so many stories about supernatural beings in our culture and shape-shifters were not a good sign. Georgina is scary. There are beings in every culture that suck the life out of you. And it’s these kinds of people that you don’t want to encounter. That’s all I will say about that. 

I think it’s funny that they call Maggie and Sophia witches. I mean, we all turn to Mother Earth for prayer, but those people who cure illness and chase bad spirits away are called Medicine People. My dad and my grandfathers were medicine men. So this is getting into some very familiar territory for me. 

Now that we know that Wade is a trickster, and Maggie is a witch … does this make Jared both? Is it possible for someone to be a trickster/witch? Maybe so. Maybe that’s why Georgina wants his power. She’s running out of time. And there are three episodes left. You know it’s about to get intense. 



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