Things are getting stranger on Trickster. In episode two, Wade (Kalani Queypo) reveals what really happened the night that Jared (Joel Oulette) was born, causing Maggie (Crystle Lightning) some major distress.

The viewers got a glimpse of the night Jared was born, but there’s so much more to it. Maggie chased Wade away, but he’s back. And now Jared is having weird visions. Jared has enough to deal with taking care of his parents. Now he also has to deal with his mom’s unwanted boyfriend moving in as well. It’s enough to make a kid want to run away.  

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Last week, Maggie made a deal with Richie (Joel Thomas Hynes) to pay off her debt to him. They burned down his trailer and plan to split the insurance money. Until then he is living with Maggie and Jared hates it. I mean, the guy sings loudly in the shower to the same song every morning. And his stuff is all over the place. Who works on a carburetor on the kitchen table? Maggie thinks it’s cute, but Jared is ready for Richie to leave. Maggie is just waiting to get her half of the insurance money first. Jared is pretty sure they will get caught. 

Jared goes about his day, listening to rap music as he walks through the woods. He stops when he sees a totem pole in the woods that wasn’t there before. The crow returns and is rapping to the music from Jared’s headphones. Jared takes another look, and the crow isn’t dancing like he thought. That was weird. He sees Sarah (Anna Lambe) and tries to talk to her, but she’s hanging with her skater friends.

Jared and Richie have a run in at home. Jared moved the carburetor off the kitchen table to have room to draw. Richie didn’t like that and threw Jared up against the wall. Jared dares Richie to hit him, but he knows Maggie will throw him out if he touches Jared. Richie says he’s not going anywhere, but Jared is. Is that a threat? 

Maggie joins them and announces that she’s hungry. Jared says they won’t have money until he gets another job. Richie hands him some money and tells him to go to the grocery story. Jared refuses at first and then promises to pay Richie back, but Richie refuses. He says they are family now. Jared can even call him Dad if he wants too. 


Crashpad (Nathan Alexis) goes shopping with Jared. They run into Phil (Craig Lauzon) and Wade. Turns out Wade is Phil’s oldest friend. Phil invites the boys to a party at his house and goes to check out. Wade stares at Jared and makes note that Jared doesn’t look anything like Phil. In fact, Wade thinks Jared has his eyes. Jared give him a confused look so Wade tells him to ask Maggie. 

Maggie is busy yelling at her imaginary friends when Jared gets home. He doesn’t stick around long enough to really talk to her. When they get to the party, Crashpad is a little uncomfortable because it’s a bunch of old people partying. Jared finds Wade in the garage and checks out his motorcycle. Wade offers to give him a ride before he leaves town.

Wade changes the conversation to Jared’s paternity. He says he and Maggie weren’t ready to be parents when he was born, but Phil was ready to be a dad.  He was also in love with Maggie, so she did what was best for the baby. Jared wonders if it had anything to do with Maggie’s mental issues. Wade asks if Jared is seeing things and Jared lies and says he’s not. Wade explains that Maggie’s mother Sophia started having issues while in the residential schools, so it could be hereditary. Jared had no idea and Wade says there’s a lot he doesn’t know about himself. Phil interrupts to give Jared a beer.

Wade and Maggie have conflicting stories about Jared's birth on Trickster.

Trickster — “Episode 2” — Image Number: TRK102_0001.jpg — Pictured: Kalani Queypo as Wade — Photo: Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2020 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Later, Jared returns home to find Richie drinking with his friends in the living room. He asks for his mom and joins her outside. Jared asks her about the night he was born. She tells him the same story she tells everyone else. She was alone driving home one night and went into labor. Maggie got out of the truck to lay down in the back and gave birth. Jared asks about the totem in the woods. Maggie says it wasn’t a totem, it was a face carved into a tree that their ancestors used to mark territories. He asks if she was alone and Maggie insists that she was. Jared tells her that he met Wade and he has a different account of that night. Maggie shrugs it off saying Wade is just jealous because she chose Phil. Jared knows she’s just trying to get him to stop talking about it so he leaves. She tells him to stay away from Wade as he walks away.

Maggie does remember that night the same way that Wade remembers it. They were together that night and Maggie did go into the labor in the middle of the woods. Wade delivered Jared and gave him to Maggie. He took off his jacket to keep the baby warm. Maggie let Wade hold the baby and that’s when he walked away with him. Maggie jumped out of the truck and followed Wade into the woods. And you know the rest of the story.


Maggie goes to Phil’s house where Wade is waiting for her on the stairs. She is a little shocked to see him because she was sure she killed him. Wade compliments her and says he came to see his son. She doesn’t know who his son is though, because it’s not her boy Jared. Wade says they were good together and they could be again. Maggie says she barely remembers being with him. Then why is she there looking for him?  Maggie is there to warm Wade to stay away from Jared or she will kill him for good.

Jared confides in Crashpad about the whole issue. He doesn’t know if he should believe that Wade is his real father. Crashpad suggests talking to Phil about it, but Jared doesn’t want to hurt him. They go to the Tasty Bucket so Jared can ask for his job back. The manager, Tony (Mark Camacho) is apprehensive about hiring Jared back, but Jared promises that his mom won’t step foot in the restaurant again. Tony only has an opening for a delivery driver, but Jared doesn’t have a car.

Phil shares memories of Jared's childhood on Trickdster.

Trickster — “Episode 2” — Image Number: TRK102_0002.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Craig Lauzon as Phil and Joel Oulette as Jared — Photo: Lindsay Sarazin — © 2020 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

Jared leaves to see Phil. Phil is looking through Jared’s toys and pictures. Jared asks if Wade was around back then. Phil says Wade moved to Vancouver before Jared was born. He also says Wade was a good guy. Wade shows up and offers to give Jared a ride. Jared goes with him and that bothers Phil a little bit.

Wade pulls up to a stop sign and a woman in a station wagon stares at him. Jared looks at her before they drive away. They ride up to the lake and stop to take in the sights. Wade misses the place. They talk about Maggie again and Wade reveals that he is jealous that Phil got to raise Jared. Jared is still skeptical about Wade’s paternal claim.

Wade tells Jared that he was driving the truck when Maggie went into labor. They were trying to make it the hospital, but Jared wouldn’t wait. While he tells his story, he walks into the woods. He takes Jared to the tree with a face. Jared stares at it in awe. Wade says this is the place where Jared was born.

Jared sees Sarah sitting in a car later that night and gets in. Sarah tells him that she is looking for her birth parents. She purposely acts out so she can move to another foster home in another town to start her search all over again. He calls her devious and she kisses him. Jared looks at her and sees stars flying around her head. He freaks out and jumps out of the car.


Richie and Maggie are playing pool at a bar when she sees Wade. She gets angry and tells him to leave her and Jared alone. Wade taunts her and asks if Jared knows who she really is. She pushes him up against a post and kisses him. She pulls his hair when she does it. Richie stops her and she walks away from Wade, putting a clump of hair into her pocket.

After Maggie leaves, Wade spots some people he knows. One of them is the woman in the station wagon, Georgina (Gail Maurice). His other two friends are Edna (Kirsten Johnson) and Albert (Darren Hynes). They aren’t alive…maybe not even human. Georgina asks about Jared and Wade says he’s Phil’s kid. Georgina reminds Wade that they’ve been waiting for a long time. She calls him Wigget and says he can’t worm his way out of it this time. While she talks, a worm crawls out of her face. Wade says when the time comes, he will do it right this time. A man walks by the pool table. Edna and Albert follow him out of the bar.

Jared wakes up to find Maggie standing over him. She tells him to never leave her and walks out of the room.  Meanwhile, Albert hoses down what looks like the skin of the man from the bar. WHAT!

Jared and Sarah grow closer on Trickster

Trickster — “Episode 2” — Image Number: TRK102_0010.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Joel Oulette as Jared and Anna Lambe as Sarah — Photo: Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc. — © 2020 Sienna Films Trickster XIX Inc.

The next day, Jared visits Phil and asks about Wade. Phil doesn’t want to talk about Wade. Instead, he wants to give Jared a present. His social worker gave him a motorized chair for his back and gives it to Jared. It’s Phil’s way of providing for his son. Jared says Phil will be a great dad to the new baby.

Jared drives the chair to the Tasty Bucket and asks Tony for the delivery driver position.  He starts immediately and rides off to deliver food. He runs into Sarah on the way. Jared apologizes for running away from her.  Sarah isn’t too broke up over it though. She’s protesting the nearby oil pipeline by hanging up posters. Jared says it will bring jobs and Sarah dismisses him.

Jared returns home and Richie is there alone. He says Maggie left early that morning with a shotgun. Wade messages Jared, asking if he wants to go for a ride. Jared doesn’t have anything else to do so he says okay.

Wade is on his way to pick up Jared. Maggie is sitting in front of a small fire on the beach. She speaks in her native tongue and throws the hair into the fire. Maggie takes a stick, breaks it and throws it into the fire. At the same time, a tree falls in front of Wade.


What is Maggie? She is obviously very powerful. And Wade is powerful. Can you imagine how powerful Jared is going to be? What kind of supernatural beings are they? And who or what is Georgina, Edna and Albert? That part was really scary.  Anything that takes the skin of a man is not good. 

I found the story about Maggie’s mother interesting. Wade, more or less, said Sophia experienced trauma in the residential school. There is a lot I could say about this subject, but that’s a whole other post. The gist is that many Indigenous children were physically, mentally, and sexually abused in residential schools. These children were made to cut their hair, abandon their traditional clothes and customs, beaten for speaking their native languages and given good Christian names. If the children made it out alive, they took the trauma with them and pass it along to their children. Several generations later, we are just now starting to heal, but we still have a long way to go.





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