Itching for some Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge merchandise? Reminiscing of the days of old when you could wander freely in the Millennium Falcon? Not to worry, fellow travelers from a galaxy far, far away! Target will be supplying actual merchandise from Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge later this summer, Gizmodo reports.

Now, the mega franchise will morph into an exclusive “Trading Outpost” for the Star Wars theme park. Unfortunately, not everything sold in Galaxy’s Edge will be on Target’s shelves. You can’t build a custom lightsaber or chug a cup of delectable blue milk. However, Target’s merch will be inspired by stories told within Galaxy’s Edge. 

So, what products can you expect to see? There will be a Star Wars vintage collection of the Millennium Falcon as in Smuggler’s Run. Said collection will sell for a hefty $400. But that’s not all! In addition, there’s a Funko POP! figure of an R5 unit that retails for $9. A hyperdrive BB unit will sell for $100. Of course, it wouldn’t be a solid nerd collection without a LEGO set. Target will also sell a LEGO Star Wars resistance I-TS transport, which retails at $100. As if that wasn’t enough, the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost will boast a Star Wars The Black Series DJ R-3X figurine. This will sell for $25. A Captain Cardinal figurine from The Black Series will retail for $25. 

Of course, that’s just the tip of the galactic iceberg. An intriguing aspect of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost is how the merchandise will be presented as if it’s actually for sale on Batuu. Very authentic, indeed. Disneyland or Disney World attendees will recognize the nod. And, for those of us who were unable to spend a day fully immersed in Star Wars before the pandemic hit, we’ll get a taste of what we missed.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge merchandise was available for pre-order prior to its release date but it quickly sold out. Be sure to snag those goods when Target officially transforms into the Trading Outpost on Sunday, August 30th. 

Will you be hitting up Target for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge merchandise later this summer? Sound off in the comments below!