If you’re ready for a truly terrifying horror movie, The Witch, promises to be just that.

Last year, there were glimpses of that with It Follows and The Babadookbut in my opinion just didn’t follow through. Both of those movies were over-hyped, but hugely successful. They didn’t terrify me like I had hoped, only left me feeling unsatisfied. But I have no soul, so that may be why.

All the early review for Robert Eggers’ film, The Witch, which he wrote and made his directorial debut, have been excellent. Even Stephen King tweeted this after screening the movie:

High praise!

The Witch is set in 1630, focusing on a Puritan family that has been exiled. In addition to having to deal with their new beginnings, they also have to start contending with supernatural elements that begin to plague them.

A true period piece which immerses itself in the 17th century with it’s language and costumes, rather then focus on gore, it’s a suspenseful, supernatural horror movie. When I was a kid those were the ones that scared me the most, that got me hooked on the horror genre. The Exorcist, The Omen, Possession, Rosemary’s Baby! I mean what’s scarier than the devil?! Well, The Witch has even gotten an endorsement from The Satanic Temple calling the movie:

A transformative Satanic experience

They’re even having a four city screening event of the film, followed by a Satanic ritual. Now that’s marketing!

To get to know the director, Robert Eggers and star, Anya Taylor-Joy, check out this great interview from Bloody Disgusting

Witches, Puritans and Goats = No Thank You!

The Witch opens this weekend on February 19th, 2016.

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