Don’t mistake the title of this film, Love in the Time of Monsters. There are no grand sweeping shots of foreign countrysides, no historical wars or disease in the background and no tragic love story.

So what is in this film called Love in the Time of Monsters? Well, it’s a horror movie, you see, and there’s a resort that you go to, you see, where they have hired actors to walk around in Sasquatch outfits, you see, and you sleep in log cabins like you’re camping and such, you see, but then something goes terribly wrong and there really are Bigfoots out there trying to kill you and now you have to defend yourself!

How’s that for a movie? I say yes! Why? Because: campiness, silliness and Doug Jones. That’s all I need. And some popcorn.

Love in the Time of Monsters is a suspenseful, campy, hilarious horror film that weaves an outrageous tale of love and Zombie Bigfoots through the dark woods of Northern California. Two sisters, Carla and Marla, travel to a cheesy tourist trap for a weekend getaway only to arrive in time to battle toxic monsters dressed in Bigfoot costumes! Determined to save their loved ones they must become heroes…but what happens when the real Bigfoot arrives?

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Audrey Kearns