Tracy Morgan appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to rant about all of the things he missed while he was in a coma.

If you haven’t heard, Tracy was involved in a tragic accident which killed his friend and mentor, Jimmy Mack, and left Morgan critically injured and in a coma.  Thankfully he is recovering and more importantly, he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

He went off on several topics including the fact that Chewbacca isn’t good guy. That he probably owes a lot in child support and that he’s in rehab somewhere. Which would make sense being that the only time we have seen Chewbacca’s family was in 1978 in the Star Wars Holiday Special. I mean we have no idea how Chewbacca’s absence has affected Lumpawarrump! We certainly know now how Han’s “adventures” did a number on his kid, so……

Tracy congratulated Jimmy on beating David Letterman in the ratings (Letterman has been off the air for a while), exclaimed that he wanted to go back into a coma after hearing that Donald Trump was leading in the polls and that he had a couple of kids with Barbara Streisand. Frankly, he was as funny as ever and it is lovely to see him thriving.

Watch below as Tracy Morgan gets puppied on The Tonight Show:

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