This recap contains spoilers for Tower of God episode “Khun’s Strategy”.

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“No matter what happens, no hard feelings, right?”

As expected, “Khun’s Strategy”, this week’s Tower of God episode, serves as a singular chunk of action, plotting, and general “getting things moving”-ness. What we’ve got here is the single most complex episode of the series so far. One in which a lot happens but not much is explained

Bam, Rak, Khun, Endorsi, and Selena (Tower of God, episode 8)

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You’re It

Our first point of interest is Team A. The “tag” team formed out of several essentially random members of the group of characters we’ve met so far. This team includes a fair amount of people but for our purposes we mostly have to worry about Khun, Anaak, and to a lesser extent, Shibisu and Lauroue. (That’s the sleeping bag wizard if you’re having an understandably hard time keeping all these names straight). Team A needs to get their “It”, Anaak, to one of several exits before they are captured and have their “It Badge” stolen.

Trying to stop them from achieving this is Quant, who we were more formally introduced to last episode. Quant is a Ranker (which if you’ll recall, is someone who’s successfully scaled the Tower). In terms of sheer Shonen Power Level, he far outstrips any member of the cast we’ve met so far. Thus, Team A has to get creative in their attempts to stop him from stopping them. This mostly entails ambushes until we near the episode’s midpoint, where Khun hatches a more complex plan.

The details aren’t worth pouring over here (it really is quite convoluted), but the gist is that Khun tricks Quant into jumping off of a bridge. (This is what they call Quality TV, folks). But Khun being Khun, not everything is as it seems.

Off A Bridge & Back Again

Khun essentially betrays his team. In fact, speaking literally, that is what he does. He uses his Lighthouse (a magic blue box given to people of his role) to ferry Quant back up to the bridge, where he catches Anaak. Team A loses–though what consequences that’ll exactly have is still a bit vague at this point. Why does he do this? Well, Bam is on Team B, and Rak isn’t participating. It’s in his best interest to set things up for Bam to succeed as much as possible–everyone else on his technical team be damned. Khun’s always had a ruthless streak to him but, true to its title, “Khun’s Strategy” is the first time we’ve seen it borne out in full force. It’s a bit shocking! But not in a bad way.

There’s not actually much more to “Khun’s Strategy”. (The episode, that is. Who knows what else Khun has brewing up in that brain of his). It ends with something rather surprising.

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Ship of Thieves

Some backstory from hitherto-writing-neglected background character Serena. We learn of her tragic past in which she was a cat burglar who had her friends slaughtered by a Ranker. Almost immediately, she was whisked away to the Tower proper by Headon. Her current situation has her stuck in an emotional rut. She’s begun to doubt her own resolve to climb the Tower, now that she’s grown attached to so many of her teammates. All this she confides in Hoh. Who….well, promptly delivers the line that opens this article. Is a betrayal (and an unfortunate character death) about to happen? We can’t really say. For all of the interesting plot threads “Khun’s Strategy” brings up, none are resolved in this episode. Questions to be answered next week, we must suppose.

Hoh (Tower of God, episode 8)

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