Love it or hate it, Netflix’s The Witcher has made a pretty big splash in the geek pop culture sphere. In fact, according to Forbes, it had the third largest viewership of original content on a streaming service. Not too bad for the debut season.

While the show had a lot of fun with its story and characters, one of the stand-out moments was the when the arrogant bard Jaskier (Joey Batey) teams up with the grumbling witcher Geralt (Henry Cavill) and composes a catchy little tune. Since its release, “Toss a Coin To Your Witcher” has become quite the ear worm and fans have jumped on the chance to put their own take on it. So we’d like to highlight a few of those covers so that you may get it stuck in your head again and again.


Fingerstyle – Roman Sable

Starting off really simple, Roman Sable gave his take on the tune with an effective fingerstyle cover. It’s the kind of song you think about hearing in a large mead hall after slaying some monsters.

Violin – Taylor Davis

Everybody loves a good violin cover, right? Regardless, Taylor Davis knocks this one out of the park. There’s so much emotion she’s able to produce that you almost forget there are lyrics to the song. Almost.


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Metal – Dan Vasc

There are a LOT of metal covers of this song. A whole lot. It was hard to pick just one but Dan Vasc‘s version rocked it’s way to the top. He’s clearly having a lot of fun covering the song. Frankly, those facial expressions really sell it for me.


Choir – Finn M-K

When this cover started, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Why was he whistling? The second Finn M-K gets to the chorus though…a chef kiss for you, good sir. It’s just too beautiful. It should be called the “Epic Choir dub”.


Rock – Ivan Wheatman

Alright, this one might be a little more metal but it’s just too fun. Ivan put so much effort in covering the whole song himself. His accent gives a new layer to the song – plus he went outside! How can you not appreciate it?


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Ukelele – Flor

Ukelele’s are always fun. Flor takes it an extra step though. She shows how to play the song as she’s playing it. While there are only a few chords, it shows just how effective the song is despite the simple melody.


Techno/Club – Dj CUTMAN

Could this not count as a cover? Sure. However, having a club remix brings out another layer of this song, especially this one by Dj CUTMAN. Joey’s vocals are still intact but he’s got a whole lot of accompaniment. It just further proves that this song is great no matter its form.

And those are just some of our favorites. Which one do you like this best? Do you have another cover you enjoy? Let us know!

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     Originally published January 10, 2020